Harrisburg University launches stand-alone Esports BS Degree program

The following is a press release provided to InvenGlobal and has been published verbatim.

▲Image Source: Harrisburg University


After establishing a successful Esports varsity program in 2018 and winning the Collegiate Overwatch National Championship in early 2019, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will introduce an Esports Bachelor of Science degree program that will prepare students for in-demand careers.

Beginning during the spring 2020 semester, students will be able to enroll in HU’s Esports program, which will provide them with the skills needed to become a media content creator, event manager, specialized coach, organizational/team manager, Esports marketing manager, Esports analyst, and more. The program is not a training ground for players; it’s a path to turning a passion into an exciting career in the rapidly expanding Esports industry.

Harrisburg University is one of only a handful of universities across the U.S. to offer an Esports undergraduate degree program. Students enrolled in the program will gain real-world hands-on experience by working with collegiate teams and professional Esports organizations in industry event venues.

Philadelphia’s Nerd Street Gamers, an Esports event production and facilities management group, will serve as a program partner and advisor. Nerd Street Gamers CEO John Fazio says HU’s new program will only strengthen the Esports industry by producing skilled Esports professionals.

“With the announcement of an Esports undergraduate program, Harrisburg University continues to raise the bar for collegiate Esports across every aspect of the industry, including player development, event programming, and most importantly, education,” Fazio said. "Building the infrastructure for Esports goes beyond finding talented players, it requires a foundation that increases accessibility for more individuals to participate in gaming, and educational training programs that develop talent in early stages."

“Students who graduate from this program will have the skills and know-how to succeed in a very promising industry,”
said Professor Charles Palmer, who leads both the Interactive Media and Esports undergraduate programs at HU. “Industry leaders are searching for highly skilled Esports professionals. This program will allow students to follow their passions and land a lucrative career in a $1 billion industry that continues to grow.”

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    level 1 Dan_Tan

    “Students who graduate from this program will have the skills and know-how to be successful in a very promising industry” this is very inspiring!
    Professor Charles Palmer is a real genius and superhuman. He once helped me write an essay on his work, autobiographical for the company https://edubirdie.com/personal-statement-writing-service for which I work. So this is a person who is exploring new technologies of education, and the fact that he approves is very important. I think that his achievements will be remembered by our limbs.

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