YouTuber SiIvxs pays tribute to League of Legends esports with beautiful "It's Just A Game" video

Esports is filled with emotional moments. Sometimes they are moments of grandeur, ecstasy and joy. Other times, they are moments of defeat, failure and sadness. Regardless: esports can be a wild rollercoaster of emotions for those invested in it. YouTuber Jonathan "Silvxs" decided to gather clips of some of the most iconic emotional moments in a video titled "It's Just A Game," to showcase just how beautiful the story of League of Legends esports can be for those involved. To them, it's more than just a game.

We reached out to SiIvxs, who said he's been following League of Legends esports for a few years now: "I've been following the pro scene since 2016 (a year that I loved immensely)." As do thousands, but few take the time to go through the VODs and collect some of the most emotional moments the scene has ever seen.

So why did he do it? "I absolutely love the moments in the games when the casters lose their minds and are screaming at the top of their lungs over a big play or big ending push. It always hypes me up too and I wanted to allow others to feel not only that same hype, but that same passion for the game."


He continues: "As for the "sad" parts of the video, I remember seeing Rekkles' 2017 MVP interview live, and being shocked at just how genuine he was being. I couldn't believe that even after winning MVP and making it to top 4, he couldn't hold back just how devastated he was that he wasn't playing in finals. That's when I knew that it really is more than just a game/job to these players."

Having gone through so many moments, all powerful within their own context, it can be difficult to pick one that stands out. But SiIvxs has found one that stuck with him the most: "My absolute favorite part of the clip has to be Kobe's iconic "I never doubted them" I remember seeing it live in 2016. Even though I was new to the scene, I felt super connected to the game, the players, and the casters, just from the sheer love that Kobe was emitting."

In an industry moving as rapidly as esports, exciting moments come and go with every month, every week. So every now and then it's good to take a look back, and remember the moments that truly touched us. Remember that, to many of us, it's more than just a game.

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