SSG CoreJJ: "I haven’t shown everything I’ve got yet"

On February 5th (KST), Samsung Galaxy defeated ROX Tigers 2-1 in Day 10 of 2017 LCK Spring Split held at NEXON Arena, Seoul. Notably, Yongin “CoreJJ” Jo on Zyra played a pivotal role in the team’s victory, showcasing his flexible prowess.

Below is the post-match interview with CoreJJ.



How do you feel about today’s hard-earned victory?

First off, I got nervous today for no apparent reason. I mistakenly believed that it’ll be an easy day after comfortably taking Game 1. It’s too bad the rest of the series was an uphill battle.

Any particular reason you got nervous today?

Not really but, as soon as I sat down in the booth, my heart started pounding uncontrollably.

In Game 2, enemy Braum pulled off some amazing plays. Is he a good counter against Karma?

Although Karma is favored in the matchup, she doesn’t do enough damage to kill Braum. His playstyle usually involves counteracting to the enemy’s initiative, and the opponent was able to pull off some good plays.

Why do you think the today’s match didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped?

We were up to snuff until the early Game 2 but made some mistakes midway through. That’s when the game tilted in the opponent’s favor, and we couldn’t respond properly. I think Game 3 went on as long as it did because we were determined to not repeat the same mistakes.

How does having Haru and Ambition alternate between each game change the team strategy?

I think having Haru allows us to take the early advantage, whereas Ambition is the major pillar of the team who makes macro judgment calls.

How do you feel about Malzahar who’s undisputedly Tier 1 right now?

Malzahar renders many other champions obsolete. Besides Zyra and Miss Fortune, it’s impossible to properly respond to him. Malzahar’s Nether Grasp is broken.

Anything we missed you’d like to say?

We’re almost at the half way point to the first round, but I haven’t shown everything I’ve got yet. I promise to play better in the remaining games.

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