[All-Star 2019] Clid: "I feel sorry and grateful. Many SKT fans helped me get here, but I moved to Gen.G."

Only the most popular players of each respective region can come to the LoL All-Star Event. It isn’t easy to have a chance to be there. Kim “Clid” Tae-min had a splendid year as soon as he joined the LCK, in SK Telecom T1, contributing to the team’s two championships and semifinals finish at MSI and Worlds. Since he created a splash, he gained many fans, and was voted 2nd behind Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok in the All-Star vote.

Even at All-Star 2019, he adapted perfectly, making the LCK shine. Clid reached the finals in Teamfight Tactics, and won with top Rammus in the LCK vs LPL match as well.

However, Clid wasn’t that comfortable participating in the event. He felt sorry to the SKT fans who voted for him as he moved to Gen.G Esports after the All-Star vote. Through this interview, Clid expressed how sorry and grateful he was to be at the All-Star event.

It’s your first All-Star. How do you feel?

It’s my first All-Star, but it’s my first time in America as well. I think it’ll be fun wherever I go. I feel very good.

You won rather easily in the LCK vs LPL match. How did everything happen?

Before it started, I talked with Doinb, and said that we’ll be playing Nunu and Rammus. It was fun and since we won, it’s even more fun. I originally heard that TheShy was coming to top lane, but since Doinb came, it was even more fun.The laning set up became more interesting.

How did you end up playing in top lane?

I’m a jungler, so I was wondering how it would be if I went to another lane when the opponents were pros. I thought such a chance wouldn’t come easily, so I took it.

Lee Sin is your signature champion. How did you see Faker’s Lee Sin today?

In the early game, Faker’s Lee Sin wasn’t very visible (Laughs). But he scaled well later and did well. Overall, he was okay.

In the LCK vs LPL match, you and Faker take up a large portion of the deaths (Laughs).

It should be alright if I say ‘we stopped the damage dealers from dying’. (Laughs)

Did you predict that you’ll win before the match?

I didn’t predict much. I thought ‘let’s enjoy this’ regardless of winning or losing. Even when I thought TheShy was coming to top lane, I just wanted to have fun.

Do you think you would have won lane against TheShy?

I think I would have lost whatever I do.

Were there any interesting modes you saw here at this event?

I wanted to play URF, but it’s a bit regretful that I wasn’t able to.

Lastly, a word to the fans that sent you here by voting for you?

I feel sorry and grateful. A lot of SKT fans helped me get here, but I moved to Gen.G. So I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I want to both thank and apologize to them. As much as it’s not a chance that comes everyday, I’ll do my best and have fun here. Thank you.

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