[All-Star 2019] T1 Faker: "I’m looking forward to getting higher in the 1v1 tournament... This time, I want to get to the end."

Day 1 of the 2019 League of Legends All-Star Event was held in Las Vegas. On the day, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok participated in the URF mode and 1v1 tournament. Especially in the 1v1 tournament, Faker became the only LCK survivor to advance to the next round.

Faker said that although he often was eliminated rather early during the previous 1v1 tournaments, he wanted to reach a higher spot this year.

*This interview was conducted before Round 1 of Faker’s 1v1 tournament.

This is the sixth All-Star Event you’ve been to. How do you feel?

I’m thankful that many people picked me. I’ll have fun at All-Star this year as well.

You’re here in Vegas two years in a row. Have you been around a bit?

It hasn’t been long since I got here, so I wasn’t able to do much yet. I’ll try to do as much as I can that I wasn’t able to do last time before I go back.

You would be regretful about the loss in URF mode.

It’s regretful that since I haven’t played much URF, that I wasn’t able to show good enough performance that I’m capable of. The 1v1 still remains; I’ll concentrate more on it now.

It seemed that you were following around Warwick (Ambition) a lot and killing him often. Was that intended?

Well… It wasn’t intended. He just happened to appear in front of me often. (So you just killed what came across, and it just happened to be Ambition?) Yeah.

What do you think of AP Warwick?

I haven’t tried, so I don’t know.

Now you’re heading to the 1v1 tournament. You were often eliminated rather early in the 1v1s. Do you think it’ll be different this year?

This time, I want to get to the end. Since the rules changed, I don’t know how it’ll be. I’ll do my best.

Is there a specific event that you’re looking forward to?

As I said earlier, I’m looking forward to getting higher in the 1v1 tournament.

Some people say this, but do you also think you’re better at 1v2s than 1v1s?

I’m good at both.

After the All-Star Event, you’ll be with new teammates. Have you said hello to the 2020 T1 players?

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet them yet because I had to be here. I’ll say hello to my new teammates as soon as I get back.

Lastly, a word to the fans?

Thank you for sending me to All-Star again this year. I’ll think of it as a way of all of you telling me to do my best in the future as well. I’ll enjoy this All-Star. Thank you.

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