Riot Games create Riot Forge, partners with external developers to expand on the League Universe

Riot Games has announced they are partnering up with games studios to create "completable" games that will compliment League of Legends, expanding on their League universe. Riot Forge is a game publisher rather than a game developer. Essentially, they will coordinate the Riot Games staff to guide and assist external developers to stay in line with the already established League Lore.


Riot Forge has already partnered with numerous developers, according to their FAQ, but they won't say which yet. Games will be playable on PC, console, and mobile, expanding not only on the universe, but the platform as well. This announcement comes after others like it around the scene. Overwatch is finalizing Overwatch 2, which gives players "completable" missions. Star Wars opened up its franchise years ago to allow external devs to create and expand on its universe as well.

▲ Concept Art provided by Riot Games


This follows Riot's own announcements earlier this year during their League 10 celebration, where they revealed a whole handful of new games and genres they were working on. With Riot Forge, not only will we get new games from Riot itself, but a multitude of devs, each with their own creative style.

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

While we can't expect any new games to release just yet, look out for more news on who their current partners are, game genres, and release dates.  

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