[Official] Dignitas has found a second League player: Johnsun joins as AD Carry

Image via Riot Games

One day after an Inven Global report brought to light Team Dignitas' struggle to find more players after signing top laner Huni for over a third of their player budget, the yellow and black veterans of esports have confirmed a signing. Pending Riot Games approval, Johnson "Johnsun" Nguyen will be brought in to play for the team as the AD Carry.

Johnsun, who's joining Dignitas after spending the season in TSM's Academy team, is a promising bot laner most known for his ranked performances. Earlier this year he managed to get two accounts in the top 10 of the North American server. A quick look at his Blitz profile teaches that he's a proficient Caitlyn, Tristana and Lucian player.




With two roles confirmed, the question remains who Dignitas will sign to play in the other roles. The top lane and bot lane positions are covered, but so far no mid laner, jungler or support player have been brought on after Damonte, Lira and Vulcan left.

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