[G-Star 2019] Meet 5 PC Titles from the G-Star Indie Showcase!


At G-Star 2019, there was an ‘Indie Showcase’. Although it used up the B2B space, it was an event where general visitors could attend. Compared to the extremely busy B2C area, maybe due to lack of promotion, there weren’t as many people.


The Indie Showcase featured games like Cassel Games’ Ratropolis, which recently recorded 1st in Steam indie games and Brace Yourself Games’ Industries of Titan, etc. The platforms were diverse as well; PC, mobile, VR, console, etc, and all the most recent builds of around 30 games were playable.


Although the Indie Showcase ended, the games that were featured there will soon be introduced through different platforms. Among those, we picked 5 PC titles that may be worth keeping an eye on.

Industries of Titan Brace Yourself Games


Industries of Titan is a new game from Brace Yourself Games, who developed Crypt of the Necrodancer. It’s a strategic simulation game where the players have to form an industrial city on Titan, a satellite of Saturn. Players can create industrial cities, design strong factories to compete with others. It only starts with putting a bed at the headquarters, but by collecting resources to build buildings, it can be expanded to a mass city.


Ryan Clark of Brace Yourself Games said, “Industries of Titans is an easy RTS that can be played by those who aren’t very used to the genre.” In the demonstration, many parts of managing the space city were possible with not much control. It was regretful that the demonstration session ended when I was about to battle an enemy spaceship with my own spaceship that was just established, so expectations rose for the actual launch. Industries of Titans will be launched in 2020 through the Steam platform.

Novena Diabolos H5DEV games

Novena Diabolos is a survival mystery adventure. Users have to collect information from monsters for 9 days at a location completely separated from the outside. The main character gets stuck in a small country village and meets five women, but he finds out that only one of them is a human and the rest are monsters. The goal of the game is to find that human.


It seems like a regular text-based adventure game, but the main characteristics of this game are in the random system. Whenever the game is started, the human is changed and after clearing the game, completely different scenes and pieces of evidence are there, so it can be playable without worrying about any spoilers every time.


H5DEV’s Ahn Sang-hyeon said, “Anyone can enjoy this game by just following the story and solve the mystery. I once was spoiled of a mystery game I was playing, but in Novena Diabolos, there’s no need to worry.” Novena Diabolos will be available during the first half of 2020 on Steam.

ReRoad Rabbit Hole Games

ReRoad is a new concept tower defense game, where the users make the road themselves by digging and paving the ground. It is an inverse concept from trying to defend the waves coming in a fixed path. Since the path waves come in is made by users themselves, unique strategies can be attempted. Each time the game is played, the items and towers have to be combined efficiently to stop the waves. In ReRoad, ‘luck’ would also be a skill a player needs. 


Hong Bo-seong of Rabbit Hole Games said confidently, “It’s a different style from the original TD games and is quite difficult. If you’re confident in playing TD games well, have a shot.” The innovative tower defense game, ReRoad, will be published in May of 2020.

HEPO Keroinventory


HEPO is a shooting puzzle roguelike genre that Keroinventory developed. It’s a fan-made game of ‘The Binding of Isaac’. It didn’t seem that different from The Binding of Isaac, but what makes HEPO unique is that those who have dyschromatopsia or young children can play without any problem. All monsters have three colors, red, green, and yellow, and only weapons of the same color can affect them.


The users’ decisions can change the game’s story, so the unique stories can also be enjoyed as well as the action. The mobile version of HEPO is ready to be launched and the PC version will be completed soon as well.


Keroinventory’s Kang Dae-geon said, “I wanted to make a game that anyone can enjoy with easy controls, bright image, unique story of HEPO, and colorful designs. It’ll be launched within the year on PC and mobile.” HEPO will be coming soon within December on Google Store and Steam.

Broken Lines PortaPlay


Broken Lines is a tactical RPG game covering a small platoon that worked at the rear of their enemies during World War II. The player can experience unusual stories in the middle of a battlefield from the vision of the eight platoon members. The eight members that the player can control are just ordinary people, more ordinary than most, and they express their faith that they will survive in any situation, the duties and desires of a soldier at the same time.


The game has to concentrate on small details in real-time. In unexpected situations, the tactics have to be revised immediately. Each platoon member has distinguished roles and abilities and they have to be used to their fullest to win the battle.


Designer of PortaPlay, Martin Malmer said, “Most enemies are stronger than one of my platoon members. We need to think strategically to make the best situation,” emphasizing the fact that it’s not just a simple war game where players annihilate enemies through firepower. Broken Lines, which won the PC Indie Pitch Award at G-Star, will be available through Steam in 2020.

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