All Griffin Players Allowed to Become Free Agents


All Griffin players have been allowed to become free agents.


On the 25th (KST), Still8 announced that they have renewed or canceled all the players’ contracts. They clarified that if the players request to become a free agent, Griffin will respect the players’ opinions. Still8 also mentioned the recent issue about the ‘unfair contracts’; they recognize the seriousness and the problems of the situation and that they apologize deeply. Shortly after the statement, Griffin announced that Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon, Son "Lehends" Si-woo, and Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon were released as free agents.


The following is the full translation of Still8’s statement.


Hello, this is Still8.


Still8 and Team Griffin signed unfair contracts with the players, took advantage of authority as a team to infringe the players’ rights and were criticized for accessing wrongful power and claim.


First, we would like to apologize to all the fans. We recognize the seriousness and problems of the ‘unfair contract’ that was pointed out by the press and fans and are engraving it deeply in our minds.


We’d like to bow our heads in apology to all fans, players, and esports authorities for us Still8 and Team Griffin not being able to understand the players’ minds, and not signing a contract with a considerate relationship.


To fix the wrong contract practice, Still8 and Team Griffin will face all problems that occurred due to this situation. We will do our best to walk the correct path.


More than anything, we will nullify all contracts that have been signed with wrong practices and will sign a new contract that fixed all unfair articles.


Over the past few days, we renewed the contract so that all unfair articles are deleted. To the players that requested to become free agents, we respect their thoughts and will allow them to become free agents. This renewal isn’t only to the LoL teams, but to all esports teams that are affiliated to the name, Still8 or Griffin. This is so that the players can grow alongside Still8 and Team Griffin as partners with trust.


Last year, we brought in Team Griffin and promised to invest so that the esports team and market can grow. There were many problems due to our insufficiency, but we will actively fix the wrong parts so that we can become a company that is for esports players.


Again, we’d like to apologize to all fans and esports authorities to have caused concern.

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