[G-Star 2019] How Were the Specs of G-Star’s Demo Booths?

Korea’s biggest game show, G-Star, was held again this year. Some people pointed out that there were more and more mobile games there, but we were able to find more than enough PC games as well. There haven’t been many blockbuster videogames recently, so the Pearl Abyss booth collected a lot of attention.


Yes, the games are in the center of all interests, but we should also have a look at the specs of the featured computers and gaming gear. Especially, since demonstration booths have to have the games run fluently, companies bring along PCs with high specs - in other words, some dream systems for fellow gamers.


From time to time, there are systems that are really hard to see in normal life. Let’s have a look at the PCs in the demo areas at G-Star 2019.


LG Electronics Demonstration Zone

▲ PUBG on LG Electronics
▲ Playable on Intel i7-6700 and RTX 2060

LG Electronics decorated their demonstration booth with many different gaming monitors. Their PCs weren’t that top-notch though, but it seemed supercomputers weren’t quite as necessary since they were running PUBG. RTX 2060 with i7 would be enough for PUBG.


AfreecaTV Demonstration Zone

▲ Legends of Runeterra, the new CCG game from LoL’s IP... 
▲ Was playable on Intel i7-9700KF and RTX 2080


This was the Legends of Runeterra demonstration zone of AfreecaTV. Not such high specs were expected, but they prepared PCs equipped with Intel i7-9700KF and RTX 2080. The mainboard was Aorus’ Elite Z390.

Although it did feel like over-spec… but PCs are always the better the better. Legends of Runeterra ran like a breeze on all the PCs here.


Pearl Abyss Demonstration Zone

▲ Black Desert Online can be played with Samsung Odyssey PCs...
▲ Which provide Intel i7-9700 and RTX 2070 environment

All the new games that were revealed were accessible with only videos. As a gamer that has been waiting for blockbuster games, something felt missing, but the Black Desert experience at G-Star was also very enjoyable.


Samsung Odyssey A719 PCs were installed at Pearl Abyss’ demonstration booths and it had i7-9700 and RTX 2070. The PCs weren’t all A719; there were a few that were A717 which had i7-7700 and GTX 1070.


Gravity Demonstration Zone

▲ Several games with Ragnarok IP were available

Gravity prepared their demonstration zone with laptop PCs. There were Razer and Omen laptops which had i7-9750H, UHD Graphic 630 (Razer), and i7-7700HQ, GTX 1070 (Omen).


Ngel Games Demonstration Zone

▲ Project: Arena was playable on intel i5-9400F and RTX 2060



EMTec Inc Demonstration Zone

▲ PUBG was playable on i7-9700...
▲ Along with RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080Ti


Gigabyte Demonstration Zone

▲ The demonstration zone featured the H-Series from i9 to i7 and RTX 20-Series
▲ Custom water-cooled PC, Nautilus
▲ The specs of Nautilus was Intel i9-9900KS and RTX 2080Ti

Gigabyte Auros featured PCs with several different RTX20-Series and laptops. Especially, they had a custom water-cooled PC named Nautilus, where the eyes of hardware-lovers among the visitors.


Western Digital Demonstration Zone

▲ Call of Duty was playable on AMD 5 3600 and RTX 2060 SUPER

Western Digital, which is famous for SSDs selected AMD. They prepared their demonstration zone with Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060 SUPER. As much as they were known for their SSDs and HDDs, each computer had the best performing SSDs equipped.


HyperX Demonstration Zone

▲ AMD Ryzen 7 3600 and RTX 2060 SUPER

NA’s no.1 gaming headset company, HyperX, prepared many PCs as well. They featured AMD Ryzen 7 3600 and RTX 2060 SUPER. Their main goal was to attract visitors to experience their gaming gear, all PCs had the best mice and pads with the best keyboards and headsets.


LG U+ Demonstration Zone

▲ The LG U+ zone had a small laptop area
▲ LG Gram had i5-8265U and UHD Graphic 620


LG U+ had several demonstration areas, and they featured LG Gram. It wasn’t that high specs; the goal of their demonstration area was GeForce Now, which didn’t require high-specs, so it was quite fluent.


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