[Guide] What are Strike and Nexus Strike in Legends of Runeterra?


There are many cards in Legends of Runeterra, and each have their own stats and effects to make them unique. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the card game genre, to learn all these effects. That’s why we’re dissecting all the keywords in a series of guides. In this one we’re taking a look at Strike and Nexus Strike.


These two keywords aren’t the most difficult to understand in Legends of Runeterra. Strike simply means that an effect is triggered whenever the unit bearing the keyword deals damage using its attack power—units with zero attack power (Frostbitten units, for example) cannot trigger their Strike effect. Nexus Strike effects trigger when the unit with the keyword deals damage to its opponent’s Nexus.


You can counter units with Strike abilities by Stunning, Recalling or Frostbiting them, but since literally all three cards with Strike have only one health, you might as well block them once, kill them, and get them out of the way. Nexus Strike is a bit easier to counter, since it will only trigger when a unit is attacking, and you can throw a friendly unit in its way to block the incoming attack. Below are a few cards that work with Strike and Nexus Strike.


Greenglade Lookout is an enabler in Legends of Runeterra. The card itself, in terms of stats, is incredibly underwhelming. Paying two mana to get a unit with only two attack and one health is steep. But Greenglade Lookout pays off his debt later in the game, when you can play your big units before the opponent can. When timed well, this card can set up a big swing in your favor.


If you want to trigger Strike effects before units face off in direct combat, the spell Single Combat is a great enabler. While its use is mostly to allow big allies to deal with pesky, small enemies before those enemies have the chance to block, Single Combat counts as a trigger for Strike. Its use there may be niche, but the interaction is important to be aware of.


Midenstokke Henchmen is an example of a card with the Nexus Strike keyword, and an aggressive one at that. It aims to snowball a heavy board advantage further, as the summoned Midenstokke Henchmen also bears the original copy’s Nexus Strike ability. If your opponent can’t find an answer soon, your side of the board will soon consist of only Midenstokke Henchmens. Its three health make it very easy to deal with though, so giving it Barrier, Elusive or Tough may help you trigger its effect easier.


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