100 Thieves reunites with Meteos; reportedly set to acquire OCE Mid Laner Ryoma from Bombers

100 Thieves has reunited with its original Jungler William "Meteos" Hartman, and according to a report by ESPN Esports' Jacob Wolf, is also acquiring Mid Laner Tommy "ry0ma" Le from 2019 OPL Spring Split champion Bombers. 

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

Meteos, who most recently started for OpTic Gaming in 2019, was an integral part of 100 Thieves inaugural split success in the spring of 2018. 100 Thieves reached the 2018 NA LCS Spring Finals, but was swept by Team Liquid. Meteos remained on the roster through three weeks of the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split before abruptly being traded to FlyQuest Academy for Jungler Andy "AnDa" Hoang, despite Meteos maintaining a top 3 status throughout the entirety of his tenure on 100 Thieves. 

Due to Meteos' strong form as part of 100 Thieves, the trade was skepticized and criticized, which makes the reunion between the parties all the more unexpected. In an interview with Inven Global during the 2019 LCS Spring Split, Meteos discussed the toll his time jungling for 100 Thieves took on him:

"I was caring too much about results and I was being really uptight, so FlyQuest Academy kind of relaxed me and took me back to the more joking, light-hearted approach to the game that I had before like in the early C9 days."


Meteos re-signing with 100 Thieves must also be due to the addition of Chris "PapaSmithy" Smith as the organization's General Manager. PapaSmithy is one of the most respected minds and voices in LoL Esports, and it could be inferred that the new culture he is setting is part of Meteos' willingness to return to his former squad. 

As part of the official announcement, 100 Thieves tweeted a video of Meteos and PapaSmithy discussing the signing, and also, clipped a meme shown at the end of the video to acknowledge the unexepectedness of Meteos' signing by invoking a popular meme centered around actor Paul Rudd's new Netflix series Living with Yourself.



Memes aside, Meteos was almost inarguably the best player on OpTic Gaming and vital to its 2019 LCS Summer Playoffs qualification. The veteran Jungler has shown he has plenty left in the tank and would be an asset to any organization that wants to start him in the LCS, including 100 Thieves. 


Rumblings of ry0ma

During the ESPN Esports Off-Season Show on Monday, November 18, one of many Jacob Wolf's big breaks was reportedly the acquisition of ry0ma by 100 Thieves. The OPL Mid Laner most recently represented the Oceanic region internatioanlly at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitiational as part of Bombers after the team became the spring champion of Oceania.

The signing could simply be a low-risk move by 100 Thieves after the establishment of a new LCS rule allowing organizations an extra import slot on their respective Academy teams for players from minor region leagues like the OPL, but ry0ma has proven his ability at the international level during the 2019 MSI Play-In and could also be the starting Mid Laner for the squad since Ryu "Ryu" Sang-wook is now a free agent. 

100 Thieves has yet to confirm a roster move outside of Meteos, but ry0ma or not, the veteran Jungler is certainly a good place to start. Should ry0ma also join the main squad with Meteos as Wolf reported, the veteran could have a thing or two to teach the young Oceanic talent.

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