[G-Star 2019] Enjoy More and Faster! A Look at the 2019 Netmarble Booth


On the 14th (KST), G-Star 2019, the game exhibition that many fans have been waiting for, has begun. Despite the cold weather, many fans have eagerly waited in front of Bexco to enjoy G-Star.  


This year, Netmarble has showcased ‘A3: Still Alive’, ‘Magic: Mana Strike’, and their two newest titles, ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, and ‘Cross Worlds’. Despite the large number of visitors, with 260 mobile test devices on-site, everyone was able to fully test out the showcased games.


Just like last year, Netmarble has invited a lot of famous influencers to catch the audience’s attention. We’ve captured the moments of people testing the 4 game titles, and many gifts being given out at the Netmarble booth. Shall we take a look?



Enjoying the 4 Netmarble games more and faster!

Armed with 250 test devices




▲The Netmarble booth is back with ‘A3: Still Alive’, ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, ‘Magic: Mana Strike’, and ‘Cross Worlds’.
Many have gathered here to test out the games.
▲ Despite there being a lot of people, all of them swiftly enjoyed the games with the 250 test devices.
Real-time strategy battle game, ‘Magic: Mana Strike’.
Everyone’s really enjoying the games.
‘Seven Knights Revolution’, is one of the most anticipated games! Everyone enjoyed the game very much.



Not only spectating, but also participating?

Prizes are just extra!



Who’s… this?
▲ This is the mascot for Netmarble, ‘Ke Ke’.
On the stage with Ke ke, casters are also on stage.
Airpods for those gets the answers to quizzes right
Mouse, headphones, and more!
▲ ‘Wow~ I’m jealous’
‘Berry’, a Twitch streamer’s dance break.
▲ The showcase for ’A3: Still Alive’, which was held with many famous influencers, has successfully concluded.
▲ Prizes you can win after playing the 4 Netmarble game titles.
There’s also a stamp relay event.
▲ After taking part in different events
▲ You can get prizes.
Cosplayers for ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ are prettier in real life.
This has been the Netmarble booth at G-Star 2019~

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