League of Legends introduces new champion to Runeterra: Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

One might have expected a lul in new League of Legends developments given the massive #Riot10 announcement for the game's 10th anniversary, especially after an incredible 2019 World Championship. However, Riot doesn't look to be slowing down its pace at all, revealing a new champion on the morning of November 19th.

Aphelios is a marksman from Targon, and was born during a rare Lunar Convergence with his twin sister, Alune. The Weapon of the Faithful and his sister were immediately celebrated by those of Targon's Lunari faith as children of destiny due to the timing of their birth. The Lunari were zealously devout, but had been driven out of Targon into hiding by the ruling Solari. 

The context surrounding Aphelios' birth put immense pressure on him, especially when Alune's training as a seer caused the siblings to walk separate paths. Things came to a head during a Solari ambush of the Lunari temple, but Alune traveled deep into the center of the temple to harness the full potential of her magic through the temple's noctum. In a mutual sacrifice, Aphelios allowed himself to become a conduit for Alune's magic, and Alune remained deep in the temple's center.

After fending off the Solari, Aphelios and Alune continued their way of mutual sacrifice in order to protect the surviving Lunari, and the enhancement of their combined power. While little is known of Aphelios' kit thusfar outside of his marksman capabilities and assassin training, it is clear that Alune is an integral part of whatever the Weapon of the Faithful will be able to accomplish in the heat of battle. 

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