[G-Star 2019] Not only Games, but Other Industries as well! An in-depth look at the Epic Games Booth.


Epic Games has showcased their technology, ‘Unreal Engine’, at G-Star 2019. Unreal Engine is currently being utilized in many different areas, and in their booth, not only did they showcase the new technology in Unreal Engine in architecture, movies, and in the automobile industry, they’ve also put demo versions of many games that utilized the Unreal Engine as well.


At the Epic Games Booth, visitors were able to check out the demo of the new physics system, ‘Chaos’, and a variety of technology used in game development. There were new features in the Unreal Engine to check out, which is used for cross-platform game development. Visitors were also able to get on-hands experience with the 3D tools used in architecture and in building cars.


Meanwhile, in the games demonstration zone, Ngel Games’ rogue-like, battle-royale, ‘Project Arena’, flight shooting battle royale, ‘Dogfighter: WW2’, ‘Project Specter’, notable for it’s free flow battle style, and strategic war game, ‘Last Kings’ awaited the visitors.


Like Chaos, visitors were able to check out the Unreal Engine, which was being utilized in a variety of industries.


We were able to directly hear how it works from an expert.



At the demo zone, visitors were able to try out games utilizing the Unreal Engine.



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