[ArcRevo America 2019] ArcSystemWorks announces Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack physical release

Guilty Gear comes to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC as part of Arc System Works' 20th Anniversary release. Most notably, they will release a physical copy of the game - which is the first ever for the title. 

Nobody has ever owned a physical copy of the game before, and for its first physical release, Arc System Works is going all out with exclusive collectors' items. Purchasing the North America Deluxe Edition for the Nintendo Switch will also provide a Collector's Edition Steelbook, Sol Badguy Headband, Commemorative Coin, and more. 

▲ Ishiwatari (right) announces the Guilty Gear Anniversary Pack at ArcRevo America

The game was designed by Daisuke Ishiwatari, the General Director of Guilty Gear, who has continued with the franchise, and even helped with other series by Arc System Works, like BlazBlue. Ishiwatari also announced Guilty Gear: Strive, a new part in the franchise for release in 2020 as part of the closing ceremony of ArcRevo America 2019 just before the 20th Anniversary reveal.

Check out more ArcRevo America content on the site and follow our Twitter, as announcements continue throughout the weekend.

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