[Guide] What is Last Breath in Legends of Runeterra?


There are many cards in Legends of Runeterra, and each have their own stats and effects to make them unique. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the card game genre, to learn all these effects. That’s why we’re dissecting all the keywords in a series of guides. In this one we’re taking a look at Last Breath.


While everyone obviously hopes that their units live happily ever after, it’s inevitable that some will die during the game. Last Breath ensures that their death isn’t in vain though. Units with the keyword trigger a special effect upon dying. Usually this is something in your favor, which is why many cards with a Last Breath effect have downsides like below average stats.


Dealing with a unit that has Last Breath can be difficult. You can Stun them, Recall them or Frostbite them to hold off, but those resources are limited—eventually the Last Breath will trigger. It’s best to set up and prepare for dealing with the effect. Below are a few examples of cards with the Last Breath keyword.


Arguably the cutest card with Last Breath is Yeti Yearling, a one cost follower from the Freljord. With one attack and two health, it’s not very strong. However, when you kill it, its parents come back for revenge. An Enraged Yeti is a one mana 5/5 unit, and two of it are shuffled into your deck upon Yeti Yearling’s death. It’s meant to swing the game later on, with an early trade-off in value for mana.


Can the dead die? If it’s up to The Undying, yes. Multiple times even. The Shadow Isles card starts off as pretty weak—paying three mana for a unit with two attack and two health is expensive—but grows over time. It never truly dies, and keeps respawning, each time with a bigger buff. To ensure you can’t ramp it up too quickly, The Undying cannot block incoming damage.


Many Last Breath cards have good upsides to being killed, but Swiftwing Lancer is exceptionally eager to die. With Challenger, he can pick his opponent, and get the most favorable trades. His Last Breath ability then refills your hand, by adding a random card from the Elite type to it.


Images via Riot Games.

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