LZ PraY-GorillA: "Minimizing mistakes was our main goal."


Minimizing mistakes was enough for Longzhu Gaming's PraY and GorillA to take the match home.

On February 2nd (KST), Longzhu Gaming had their second win of the season by defeating Kongdoo Monster with a 2-0 record in the first match of 2017 LCK Spring Split Day 8. Jongin "PraY" Kim carried both games with Varus, and Beomhyun "GorillA" Kang supported PraY along the way with Karma and Nami.

Let us hear from PraY and GorillA.

Congratulations on your victory against Kongdoo Monster! How are you feeling right now?

PraY (P) : I thought that we had to win without dropping a set if we wanted to climb out of the lower rung. We've prepared a lot for this match, and it feels good to have it paid off.

GorillA (G) : We've faced four teams so far, and today was the day when everything went well as our scrims and practices did. It feels great!

We've heard that you've practiced hard even during Lunar New Year holidays.

P: Well, I took a good rest instead. (Laughs) Professional gamers are only human, so I think we need to rest well when we need to. You know what they say - "Work hard and play hard." I guess those who went home during the holiday must have had a good rest, and those who stayed in the team house must have practiced hard.

You must have had some regret over the past matches.

G: I've had a lot of regret over the matches that we could have won. However, we couldn't just dwell on the past, so we prepared so that we'd do well in the remaining matches.

How did you prepare against Kongdoo Monster?

P: We didn't prepare specifically against Kongdoo Monster. Instead, we've focused on making less mistakes on our end and making winning plays. Minimizing mistakes was our main goal.

GorillA, why did you pick Nami in Set 2?

G: Nowadays, what happens in the botlane during the lane phase has a huge influence on the entire game. That's why you often see support bans during draft phase. I picked Nami because she was the best pick among the remaining ranged supports. It wasn't exactly a prepared pick.

Weren't you worried when snowballing stopped in Set 1?

P: We could have handled that toplane gank better. We should have had better vision in the jungle, but we got careless and it cost us the top turret. We could have played that set better, but I think it made us prepare better for the second set and snowball even harder.

Your next match will be up against bbq Olivers. What are your thoughts on that match?

G: bbq Olivers are on a roll recently, and making even a single mistake during the laning phase should be enough to lose a game. I guess the team that does not make mistakes will win. Although they are pretty strong in all lanes, I think we can win as long as we play like today.

This match marks the halfway through the first round. What place are you aiming for?

P: The short term plan is to have more wins than losses. (Laughs) The long term plan would be going to the Worlds. I've never missed a chance to go to the Worlds except when I was taking a break. I hope that we'll make it to Playoffs in a good position, and then make it to the Worlds.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else to say?

P: My teammates from ROX Tigers have all went their separate ways. I'll be frank - I tend to cheer for the opposing team whenever my ex-teammates play. (Laughs) I think it's fun to watch them lose. Go enemy teams!

G: I mean, I do want them to do well, but I can't deny that it's more fun to cheer for the enemy teams. (Laughs) The match after ours will be between KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs. I hope they go through some rough–and–tumble. We're halfway through the first round, and since we've done well today, I believe that we'll continue to do well from now on. Wish us best of luck!

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