[Worlds 2019] Goldenglue Travels to Finals: "it’s a very motivating experience, I get to compare myself to them and admire them, and at the same time I have a very high desire to beat them."

Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer at Accors Hotel Arena, Paris, France


The League of Legends Worlds Championship brought fans from all over the world to Paris, France on November 10th, 2019. One fan in particular stood out of the crowd. As we approached Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer after FunPlus Phoenix’s victory over G2, fans gathered around him for pictures, and for a quick second, Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer approached him for a high-five.


Hey Greyson! You’re here just for fun, yeah?


Yeah! I’m here on vacation with some of my friends, we went to watch the semifinals, and I went to Barcelona before that, and now we’re in Paris! It’s been a really good time. It’s kind of my first time going through Europe and I really enjoyed it.







Does watching other team matches live help you as a player? What is the biggest difference between a live game and vod?


Going into these matches makes me very emotional. When I watch the games live I kind of feel like these guys are doing what I want to be doing and I feel like I need to work harder to be at the place that they are at. So it’s a very motivating experience, I get to compare myself to them and admire them, and at the same time I have a very high desire to beat them.


Since you’ve been here watching the games, what was the best match in your opinion?


The semifinal games were both really good. I think FunPlus Phoenix VS Invictus Gaming was really the most entertaining to watch because they’re just fighting each other 24/7 in a total blood bath, and G2 Esports VS SKT was really methodical, but also a really high quality game. So it’s hard for me to pick, both of those games were amazing.


When it comes to the highest level team present at worlds, do you think it is FPX, who just took home the cup, or do you think that another team showcased higher skill?


I think FPX was the strongest team, I don’t think today G2 played at their 100%, I don’t think their strategy was very good going into the matches. I think if we re-did the series, maybe FPX would win but it would have been a lot closer.


FPX Press Conference - Image by Inven KR


G2 clearly struggled against FunPlus Phoenix.

What do you think caused this underperformance of G2 on finals given they played so well this season?


To me personally, I didn't really like their strategy going into the games, I thought all players were still playing well, obviously they made mistakes, because they lost, but I think they were trying to be very unique as this is a very G2 style thing, and it just didn’t work out well for them today.


What were you hoping to see heading into the stadium to watch the finals?


I was hoping to see G2 3-2, I really wanted for a western team to win, since no western team has won in so long, and also, we’re in Europe! More importantly I wanted to see more games, that’s the thing I’m kind of sad about.


Now that Worlds is over…

Do you have any other plans for Europe?


Not really. I really wanna go home after watching these games and go practice and get ready for the next season!


Greyson "Goldenglue" Gilmer - Courtesy of Riot Games

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