Data miners uncover four upcoming Hearthstone Battlegrounds heroes

                                                                                                                                     Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
▲ Sindragosa is coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds.


On Tuesday evening, data miners revealed that inside Hearthstone's most recent patch ( were four upcoming heroes for the game's auto-chess game mode, Hearthstone Battlegrounds. While the information can change at any time with if new patch ships, the League of Explorers will become selectable characters when players first fire up a game of Battlegrounds. All of them except maybe their most famous member that is.


The following custom art images are from Hearthstone Top Decks to visualize what players may experience. 


Brann Bronzebeard


Elise Starseeker


Sir Finley Mrrgglton




Players may notice a few bits of information that stand out. Currently, Battlegrounds does not have a "freeze" effect at the moment. While the ability to freeze opposing minions, which prevents them from completing their next attack, has existed within the Hearthstone card game since it's inception, how it will operate in an auto-chess game is yet to be seen.


Also, where's the mustache-rocking, gem-gun-wielding, "we're rich"-uttering Reno Jackson? Well, Principal Game Designer, Mike Donais, shared on the custom Hearthstone subReddit that "Reno had design and visual effects issues so he was sent packing."


He may return. He may not. But Hearthstone Battlegrounds fans will have to settle for three members of the League of Explorers and an icy dragon when they go live in the near future.

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