[Worlds 2019] League of Legends Brings Fans Together to Celebrate Esports

Becky G and Soyeon perform at Worlds 2019


League of Legends Worlds Championship 2019 came to an end this Sunday, November 10th. Riot Games combined world-class esports with a mixture of music, artistic visuals, comedy, creating an undoubtfully memorable experience to Lol esports fans.



Crowned champions FunPlus Phoenix showcased the true meaning of persistency, combining talent and hard work. A handfull of FPX fans grouped together to cheer the team, the stadium was almost entirely on G2 esports side, and the underperfomance of the team was audible in the crowd. FPX fans were strident.



FPX's jungler Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang took the finals MVP, showcasing incredible talent and hard work: "I felt like I was in form today, but it wasn't my best. I would rate it as only 50 to 60 percent." We would love to see 100 percent Tian form.



MC Pantheon


League of Legends esports live in a big arena is already something to be hyped about. League of Legends esports live with a hilarious MC dressed as Pantheon makes the show abot 20% better. The arena moved, shook and chanted under Pantheon's command.

Business development manager for the League of Legends European Championship and on-stage talent for Riot Games Romain Bigeard wore an outfit that mixed the design of Pantheon with a twist: his spear was a croissant and a baguette pieced together, to represent France. The costume included Pantheon's armor and weapons as well as body painting and colored contact lenses.



"Now I want you to all jump at the same time!"

Passerbyers were likely confused about the mini-earthquake caused by the crowd's jump.


On-Stage Performances



The League of Legends Worlds Championship's opening ceremony was nothing short of incredible. Two musical acts including Worlds 2019 anthem "Phoenix" and the debut of True Damage's first song, "Giants", were the perfect combination of a perfectly crafted performance and groundbreaking technology.



On stage, music artists Jeon "Soyeon" So-yeon, Rebecca "Becky G" Marie Gomez,  Umar "Thutmose" Ibrahim, Keke Palmer and Jared "Duckwrth" Lee appeared on stage along their True Damage personas. The performance was done with "Holo Projection", using lighting effects and Holonet, a fabric mesh with metallic filament in the fibers, making it possible to catch the hologram image near perfection.


Becky G and her champion persona, Qiyana


"We didn't want to just do Augmented Reality because we've done it in the past. Instead, the team wanted to surprise fans and push ourselves to do something they've never seen before" -  Adam Mackasek, associate manager for esports events at Riot Games, told ESPN.


Jeon "Soyeon" So-yeon, Rebecca "Becky G" Marie Gomez,  Umar "Thutmose" Ibrahim, Keke Palmer and Jared "Duckwrth" Lee


Riot Games is not the first game developer to use the technology. Holo Projection has been used to create the very succesful live experience of digital pop star Hatsune Miku, from SEGA's Project Diva. However, Riot Games has innovated in mixing real life with digitally crafted assets.


Fly, Fly, Phoenix Fly


During Phoenix's performance with Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza, the anticipated Louis Vuitton crate was revealed in full, as it slowly opened, showcasing the Summoner's Cup inside of it.



Riot Games collaborated with luxury brand Louis Vuitton for this editions of Worlds. The development of skins and capsules designed by the haute-couture team were released, with Qiyana getting an in-game Prestige skin designed by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of women’s collections, Nicolas Ghesquière.







The brand also released an instagram filter with the collaboration:



If you missed the broadcast of Worlds Finals or simply wish to relive the experience, you can find the full opening ceremony here: 




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