Legends of Runeterra's draft mode will give you two shots at completing a perfect run

The second wave of access for Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games' in-development collectible card game, starts this Thursday. For six days, the lucky folks with access to the game can have at it again, before the trial period ends on November 19th. As Riot announced in their roadmap for the game, this second trial period adds a draft-based game mode, beloved by card game enthusiasts, and today we learned more about it.

'Expeditions', as the mode will be called, is a mix between a typical draft game mode and a roguelike format. You start the draft by selecting sets of three cards each time. You'll be offered champions, units and spells, alternating between 'synergy picks', which take into account the picks you've made so far, and 'wild picks', which give you an opportunity to swing your strategy the other way.



In total, you'll have to defeat seven opponents to claim the grand prize. That may seem like a lot, but your run only ends when you've lost two consecutive games in a run, or when you're defeated by the seventh opponent. Even better is the fact that you get two runs for the prize of one when you enter an Expedition, and the highest-wins run counts towards the prize you'll get.

There's more Legends of Runeterra news coming tomorrow, as the developers hinted that more than 40 cards have underwent balance changes. If you want to take a shot at playing Legends of Runeterra you can pre-register on the website here, or connect your Twitch account, and cross your fingers that the luck of the draw rules in your favor.

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