Director Cho Gyu-nam Resigns from Griffin


On the 12th of November (KST), Still8 made an announcement on their homepage that Griffin’s director, Cho Gyu-nam has resigned from his position in the organization. In their announcement, Still8 CEO Seo Kyung-jong cleared that Still8 is feeling responsible for what has happened and that they are looking for the best solution.


Recently, Griffin was in the middle of the controversy regarding their player Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok’s contract and loan, which was first stated by former head coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho. Riot Games has been investigating afterward.


Below is the full translation of the statement by Still8.

Hello, this is CEO Seo Kyung-jong of Still8.

I’d like to bow my head in apology with all my heart to all people in esports that we have disappointed you in the recent turn of incidents.

Still8 feels heavily responsible for the situation and we are looking for the best solution to resolve it.

Being responsible for the current situation, Griffin director Cho Gyu-nam has officially resigned.
At the same time, the issue regarding Kanavi is under investigation by Riot, and Still8 is earnestly taking part in all investigations.

Lastly, by learning what not to do through this incident, Griffin is rebuilding the team from the fundamentals. This is to make sure such an incident wouldn’t happen in the future, reflecting on the criticism so that we can stand in front of the fans with improvements.

Again, as the CEO of Still8, I’d like to deeply apologize for the big disappointment.

2019 Nov. 12th

Still8 CEO Seo Kyung-jong

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    level 1 Dardan_Rexhepi

    Finally it can only become better now,

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