[G-Star Preview] PC, Console and Mobile: A Preview of New Titles at G-Star 2019!


On Nov. 14th, the international game exhibition, G-Star, will be held in Bexco, Busan. Developers from all around the world will gather to communicate with players, and they will reveal new information on existing titles, and on exciting new titles that they’ve been meticulously working on.


Many new developers are participating at this year’s G-Star to reveal new titles. Pearl Abyss, Netmarble, CCP Games, Gravity, and LINE GAMES will be unveiling their new games to the world.


Inven has collected information on these new titles that these developers will be showcasing at G-Star. Since there will also be existing games being showcased on-site, we’ve narrowed it down to the new titles at G-Star 2019.



Pearl AbyssAre they all for PC-Console? Platforms to be revealed at G-Star


Pearl Abyss is participating in G-Star starting from 2019. They brought four games to the event - all brand new. All the games they revealed partially called ‘projects’ earned official names coming into this event.


First, the game that used to be called ‘Project K’ came in with the name, ‘Plan 8’. Plan 8 is the first MMOFPS that Pearl Abyss will be providing. Directing producer Lee Seung-ki, who directed the world design for Black Desert Online and BDO Mobile, will be assisted by Minh Le, who is known to be the father of Counter-Strike.


Through previous announcements, Plan 8 was mentioned to be planned for PC and console. After the release of the PC and console versions, they will be considering to develop a mobile game using the assets of the game. It seems that more detailed plans and platforms will be revealed at G-Star.



DokeV is a collectible open world MMO game where players can look for DokeV’s who grow from people’s dreams. Directing producer Kim Sang-yeong who led Black Desert Online’s animation, and development producer Choi Seo-won who was in charge of planning Black Desert Online, R2, and C9 will leading the development for DokeV.



Crimson Desert is the next flagship MMORPG for Pearl Abyss. They are introducing Crimson Desert as an epic fantasy open world MMORPG that shows the story of the mercenaries fighting to survive in the vast Pywell continent with realistic characters and cut scenes.


Directing producer Jeong Hwan-gyeong, who was the director of Ryl Online, and action director Lee Sung-woo, who was in charge of the action in Ryl Online and C9. Along with Plan 8 and DokeV, Crimson Desert is being developed in the next-generation engine that Pearly Abyss developed. They claimed that they’re aiming to release the game simultaneously on both PC and console in a previous conference call. Pearl Abyss also mentioned the possibility of cross-play and streaming as well.



Lastly, Shadow Arena is a spin-off game from the Black Desert Online’s content, Shadow Arena. It is a melee style action battle royale game where 50 users fight to decide the last man standing. The CBT of Shadow Arena will be held from the 21st of November to the 24th. Prior to the CBT, test play will be accessible at G-Star.

Though previous conference calls, Pearl Abyss announced four new games on PC and console platform prior to the upcoming G-Star. But this is not all; there’s their daughter company, CCP Games.


Next is CCP Games. They will be announcing their new game, Eve Aether Wars at G-Star. Eve Aether Wars is a game in collaboration with England’s startup, Hadean. The 10,000 player deathmatch is the biggest feature of the game. The engine server technology that Hadean developed will be combined with the Eve IP; it’s a game that users can enjoy a massive multiplayer battleship war.


Pearl Abyss introduced Eve Aether Wars last August. Back then, CFO Cho Seok-woo said that this was close to an experimental game. The game had recorded a peak concurrent players of 3,852 in this year’s GDC 2019 Hadean booth.


Netmarble GamesFour Mobile Games Utilizing their Strong IP

Netmarble will be announcing four mobile games at this G-Star. The four games have something in common: they all utilize strong IPs.


Seven Knights Revolution is a spinoff game using Netmarble’s signature title, Seven Knights. It is being developed as an MMORPG game and they will be revealing content like ‘Thanatos Raid’ at G-Star. Netmarble will be delivering interesting cooperation battle using unique skills only available in Seven Knights Revolution.


Magic: Mana Strike uses one of the strongest IPs in the TCG world: Magic: The Gathering. It’s a mobile live strategic battle game. Magic: Mana Strike is based on Magic: The Gathering’s vast world and cards and players can enjoy dynamic battles with the 3D characters from its original game. Obviously, the deep and diverse deck building is also possible.

Cross Worlds is another game that utilizes Ni No Kuni’s IP. With graphics and stories that are like a whole animation series, Cross World is an MMORPG that covers adventures attempting to save the world in danger. Fairy tale-like colorful 3D graphics in cartoon rendering style and high-quality cut scenes can be said to be the biggest features of Cross Worlds.


At G-Star, visitors can experience the story mode, where they can try about 15 minutes from the start of the game and a 3v3 PVP battle content as well.


Lastly, A3: STILL ALIVE was revealed last year, and is a game that will be launched soon. This G-Star is the last inspection and time for feedback. A3 is a battle royale game played with 30 people. At G-Star, the 3-man team game of the 30-man battle royale will be first revealed.



Gravity6 Games based on Ragnarok IP and 2 New Mobile Games


Gravity will be showing many games based on Ragnarok. At G-Star, Gravity will show off a total of eight games. Among the eight games, six games are based on Ragnarok. They will be showing diverse types of RPGs. Each game can be played at G-Star and they are as follows.


■ Ragnarok Origin



- MMORPG that can feel the style of Ragnarok Online

- Ragnarok reborn with massive scale, beautiful graphics

- Rich fantasy life with many life skills like gardening, mining, fishing etc.


■ RagnarokX: Next Generation


- Taking another step from reincarnating Ragnarok, an MMORPG that adds a new interpretation

- Contemporary design in the concept of a cute theme park

- Ragnarok developed into full 3D graphics


■ Ragnarok Crusade: Midgard Chronicles


- An MMORPG covering the story of 100 years after the incident in Ragnarok Online

- Reinterpreted jobs following the steps of the authenticity of the original Ragnarok with lively PVP


■ Ragnarok Tactics


- SRPG game using Ragnarok characters

- Battle system where players can scale strong troops to enjoy arena, PVP, MVP raid etc.

- Live PVP


■ Chaaarge!! Ragnarok 2


- An Idle MMORPG in a cute animation style of Ragnarok Online

- Another level improved in gameplay and graphics compared to its previous game


■ The Lost Memories: Valkyrie’s Song


- Story-based RPG sharing the Rune Midgards world of Ragnarok Online

- Reinterpretation of original Ragnarok’s elements

- Retro-style graphics from the original game with a new storyline


■ Ms.Naomi’s PUZZLE


- Match3 puzzle game playable wherever, whenever

- Playable without wifi connection

- Many different stages with obstacles, missions, challenges


■ Fuddled Muddled - GROW


- New GROW genre that challenges the limit of the brain

- A diverse, changeable world into 5,040 different worlds with a combination of 7 buttons

- The ultimate goal is to find one best combination of the many endings


NGELGAMES3 new titles for mobile and PC Online!


NGELGAMES, famous for their titles, ‘Hero Cantare’ and ‘Lord of Dice’, will also be unveiling 3 new titles at this year’s G-Star. All 3 games will have demo versions playable on-site, with many different events awaiting.


‘Project Random Tower Defense’ is a multiplayer strategy game based on the Starcraft user map, ‘Random Tower Defense’. It is currently under development with the help of a former Starcraft pro, NaDa. NGELGAMES will be showcasing a 6-man multi defense battle, and the mobile and the VR version will be available as demos.


‘Project Arena’ is a project currently under development at the developers’ studio, which was built early this year and is located in Seoul, South Korea. It is a Rogue-like battle royale action game that utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 for high quality fights and freedom for players. In a battlefield that’s constantly changing, players will face off against one another in intense battles, and will be available for PC and mobile for cross-platform play.


‘Project Pendion’ is a strategic MMO, developed in collaboration with Npani Games. It’s a game where players can build their own kingdoms, and grow by continuously working together with other players. Both developers comment that the incredible artwork, the realistic fights, and the strategic aspects are the things to look for in this game.


miHoYo‘Genshin Impact’ and ‘Honkai Impact 3rd’ on PC, do they prove themselves over multi-platforms?


The developers of ‘Honkai Impact 3rd’, ‘miHoYo’ will be a part of G-Star through the B2C booth. They will be introducing ‘Genshin Impact’, for the first time in Korea, along with the PC version of ‘Honkai Impact 3rd’. A Korean demo version of ‘Honkai Impact 3rd’ will be playable, and it looks to be supported over multi-platforms.


‘Genshin Impact’, the newest title from miHoYo, is an open world adventure game taking place in a world called Teyvat, and is currently under development for many platforms, such as mobile, PC, and PS4. Not only are players will be able to freely explore the open world, many different characters, a combat system with a customizable combo system, and a storyline that will attract many. The PC and the mobile, Korean-dubbed demo version will be playable at this year’s G-Star.


Other New Titles to Look Out ForNew Titles that are not only being revealed in B2C, but also B2B?


Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, will be unveiling new Unreal Engine titles. Three new titles to keep an eye out for, are ‘Last Kings’, which will be officially launching on Nov. 12th through NX Games Inc. and Barunson E&A, ‘Project Arena’ by NGELGAMES, and the steampunk adventure MORPG, ‘Project Specter’.


Also, Four Thirty Three will be unveiling 2 previously undisclosed titles via the Inven booth, with other game companies revealing and a chance to try out these new titles via similar methods. Also, RPG republic will be unveiling videos of ‘The Great Merchant M’, the new title that’s currently under development,


There are many new B2B exclusive titles being revealed as well. The aforementioned ‘EVE Aether Wars’ by CCP Games will be revealed and playable via the B2B Hadean booth. Playcastle will also be unveiling the PS4 exclusive title, ‘Spirit’ in a similar fashion.

LINE GAMES will be showcasing ‘Buried Stars’, and their upcoming mobile RPG, ‘Exos Heroes’ via the B2B Hall. ‘Buried Stars’ is a new console title produced by Jin ‘Sooylbe’ Seung-ho, famous for his work on the iconic ‘Black Room’ and ‘Grey City’ series, and it’s about the mental and the physical conflict, and the survival of those who gets cut off from the outside world because of a cave-in accident during an audition program.



‘Exos Heroes’ is a mobile RPG focused on the main character ‘Zeon’ and his allies, and while players can explore different continents in the game and collect 200+ in-game characters, they can also play mini games, go on raids, and play against other players with the characters that players can nurture. The aforementioned two titles will be playable at the demo zone of the LINE GAMES booth. LINE GAMES will also be introducing many new titles at their booth.



With many game developers in participation, 9 developers will be unveiling new titles via the Korea Internet Corporations Association booth, and many other games from different countries will be unveiled as well. The line-up hasn’t been fully been revealed yet, so one can expect many more new titles will be showcased at this year’s G-Star.

Pearl Abyss’ new titles will be officially revealed on Nov. 14th!

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