[Worlds 2019] FPX Finals Press Conference - Doinb : " If I had a chance to go back and talk to the old Doinb at the start of the year, I would tell him to not give up."



League of Legends Worlds Championship 2019 comes to an end with a new champion. FunPlus Phoenix, representing China and the LPL destroyed G2 Esports in a complete sweep. Afterwards, the team answered various questions.




To Doinb: You were really confident, at the press conference of Friday, that you could beat G2. Now you have, and you've won Worlds. How does it feel?

Doinb: Actually, before the games happened, we predicted a 3-1 victory. We didn't expect that we would be able to win 3-0. So, I must say that my team performed very well. G2 is a team that we've had a lot of scrims against, and we won the majority of them. I feel that we did pretty well.


To WarHorse: Most of the people in the arena were rooting for G2. How did that affect you as a team?

WarHorse: I don't think that this really affect our players. For the entire year, it seems to be like there were always more people supporting our opponents than supporting us. But with our results and with our hard work we want to prove ourselves to people and make them like us. I think sometimes that this is actually even motivation for us.


To Doinb: You almost retired at the beginning of this year. In an interview with ESPN you said you came back because of FunPlus Phoenix. If you could go back to the Doinb at the beginning of the year and tell him that he would become World Champion, what would that Doinb's response be?

Doinb: I think it's actually a very similar scenario right now, because this might be my last game. If I had a chance to go back and talk to the old Doinb at the start of the year, I would tell him to not give up. There's always hope.



To Tian: How does it feel to be the MVP of the tournament finals, and do you feel that the finals was your best game, or can you play better?

Tian: Firstly I would like to say that I was kind of shocked that I took the finals MVP. I felt like I was in form today, but it wasn't my best. I would rate it as only 50 to 60 percent.


To Lwx: You're the first player in history to finish a Worlds finals without dying once. Do you think that is an important quality to have, specifically in your position?

Lwx: I didn't really expect before today that I would not die a single time. I feel like, if you have an AD Carry that never dies, it would make winning a lot easier.


To Tian: Two weeks ago you said that you thought Splyce was the best European team. After you beat Fnatic and G2, do you still have that opinion?

Tian: G2 individually are very good. I want to say that I feel like G2 might still be the best European team. But at the time, I did want to trashtalk a little bit because two weeks ago I heard Caps say that we were the weakest first seed. So that's why I said it.


To all: Do you know which champions you will choose for you championship skins?

Tian: I'm thinking about Lee Sin.

Crisp: Thresh.

Doinb: I haven't really decided yet. I will select my champion skin with my chatroom.

Lwx: I'm deciding between Vayne and Kai'Sa

GimGoon: GangPlank.


To Doinb: What do you want to say to your wife, who convinced you not to retire?

Doinb: She was very worried at the beginning, given my condition. Physically I wasn't feeling so well, so she was pretty on the fence. But she felt like, if I was to retire, it would be a bit of a pity. I want to say sorry to her. Everyone knows this: even when the team is taking breaks I really don't go home often, and even if I do, I'm playing ranked all the time. I'm so sorry to you. I'll be with you later. We're married now, so we can live together.


To Lwx: You said that G2 played bad, but what did they lack this match?

Lwx: At the moment I just wanted to trashtalk them, because before the games they said they would 3-0 us. But I think we defeated them because we had a better draft phase, and also our level 1 designs were better. That's why it felt like a pretty easy win.


To Tian: You and Jankos are both considered to be the best junglers in your regions. How would you compare a matchup against him to a matchup against the best LPL junglers?

Tian: I think EU junglers are very similar to LPL junglers. A lot of times it does come down to the details and the mechanics. I would like to say that Jankos also played very well.


[Question not translated to English]

GimGoon: I remember the first game in the Group Stage the most.



To Crisp: What do you feel the growth was for you as a duo in the botlane, and who do you want to thank?

Crisp: I don't think there was a difference between the regular split and here. I would like to thank the coach. Even though he has a very hard job, I think he is somewhat useful.


Tian: To bring back two trophies, I feel really amazed. Throughout this year I felt like I kept on growing both in-game and outside of the game.


To Doinb: You previously said that this could be your last game. What are your retirement plans, or if you're not retiring, what other plans do you have?

Doinb: Just wait for my stream, please.


To Tian: The Chinese fans have called you the best Lee Sin. What do you think about that?

Tian: I don't think Lee Sin actually has a very high skill ceiling. It's just how the champion is played. Sometimes you can't do that much in team fights. But it really just comes down to how you maneuver in team fights.


To Tian: Perhaps the English media has not heard about the way that you have introduced Doinb. Can you please can you do your FPX introduction of him again?

Tian: Well I felt like there was a lot flattering words in our previous comments, but I just want to say: Before you is the Season 9 World Champion midlaner Doinb.


To Lwx: What have you learned throughout Worlds?

Lwx: Just don't int.


To all: What are you guys going to do after this win?

Lwx: I would like to go on a vacation.

Xinyi: I would like to take a break

GimGoon: I would like to have the most expensive meal that I can find.

Doinb: I want to be with my wife and interact with my stream.

Crisp: I want to go home.

Tian: I want to take a vacation.


[Question not translated to English]

Doinb: If you want to lie down, and you're just here for the money, don’t come. We don't need you.

GimGoon: Everything is very hard. You have to work very hard, if you want to come.


To GimGoon: What do you want to say to your teammates?

GimGoon: Brothers, we've been playing for three, four, five years. We're all veterans, and you've always been trying hard right next to me. To all of those that haven't had your egos inflated: let's go on for another year, let's work together.


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