[Worlds 2019: Finals] KR Reactions: “0 KOREANS CAN'T WIN.”

Before Match

Korean Fans ATM:

*China’s best mid laner Doinb!!!!

FunPlus of Teamfights!

FPX Jiayou!


We can’t allow G2rand Slam!!!

ㄴ But G2 should win for LCK’s reputation. If FPX wins, LCK just becomes a pushover

ㄴㄴ Right… G2 has to win so SKT fans can pretend to be the runner up.

ㄴ Rather than seeing Chinese teams get arrogant, it would be better if EU wins the championship for LoL 10th anniversary and get the grand slam. Korea was eliminated, but they can do well next time.


Wow, it’s starting!

ㄴ At some point, the opening ceremony turned into a hologram+AR show...

ㄴㄴ Maybe starting from 2016 Zedd...?


Yeah, that hologram is amazing...

ㄴ This is contemporary art.

ㄴ It’s really cool that there are 3 SKT logos.

ㄴㄴ What use is it? They’re not there.

ㄴ I miss LCK teams now...

ㄴ So when’s BTS coming?


Doinb, please speak in Korean. You’re Korean!!

ㄴ Please say that you’re Korean just once!

ㄴ Yeah, you’re Korean! Don’t forget!

ㄴ If FPX wins, it should be a Korean carrying!


Doinb is watching...


G2 guys all seem to have some hair loss...

ㄴ STFU. Don’t talk about that.

ㄴ You’ll also become bald one day. Be careful.

ㄴㄴ No, no... I’m saying that I want to cheer for them because of that…


G2 has to win because of the skin design...

ㄴ Right! That mask is awesome

ㄴ If FPX wins... Again, that red and yellow... with wings...

ㄴㄴ Kind of sounds like SKT skins?


ㄴ Oh! This is the first time I saw the inside of the Summoner’s Cup;;

Game 1

FPX seems to be determined to make a Nautilus skin;;;

ㄴ G2 was picking LCK style but that single Pyke changes it all.

ㄴ SKT fans are suffering from PTSD rn

ㄴ A world where supports come to mid


WTF Pause

ㄴ Wunder must have forgotten to turn off his WoW client

ㄴ Wunder’s WOW addon must have crashed with the LoL client

ㄴ Gimgoon smashed his keyboard after seeing G2’s Pyke


I feel so sorry for Wunder

ㄴ Just a game of experiencing how Sword felt


???: “If this was WOW, you guys are already dead. You are not prepared.”


OMG those plays are at another level! That Pyke got away?!?

ㄴ I’m sorry to say this, but it’s really fun since there’s no LCK 

ㄴ I can see why LPL and LEC calls LCK a sleeping pill LOL

ㄴ This is an awesome match! I’m so happy only Game 1 is over!

Game 2


ㄴ Take that Mejai away. LCK doesn't even deserve that. It’s the 3rd league.


Hmm... FPX is picking Kled. This is over.

ㄴ G2 has kind of diverse, but they’re kind of like LCK so it feels rather uneasy and imperfect.

ㄴ But Doinb isn’t playing Kled. That’s a relief.

ㄴ If Gimgoon doesn’t want to play Kled in the middle of the game, can he change seats with Doinb?

ㄴㄴ LOL

This is starting to feel like 3-0

ㄴ Whoever wins, a 3-0 finish is something you never want to see at a World Final.

ㄴ SKT lost to *this* G2.......


Gimgoon is kind of like Impact. Does well when just leaving him alone

ㄴ And it’s similar that he just suddenly pounds on his opponent


Paris arena became a library

ㄴ No, that’s the Louvre museum


Tristana is finished

ㄴ They said Caps is baby Faker... He’s following Faker’s steps.

ㄴ SKT unleashed poison in G2!








G2 dreaming to achieve grand slam with this performance?

ㄴ Who’s worse, G2 this year that’s being pounded by FPX or Fnatic of last year that got thumped by IG?

ㄴ Last year was way worse

Game 3

ㄴ Do you think those smiles are signs of insanity or just being laid back as one of the best?

ㄴ Who’s this?
ㄴ Ocelote LUL He’s the one that suffered that backdoor by Xpeke

It can be said that G2 is the same as 「Yasuo」

Wind doesn’t come from just two stabs

Just like the wind blows at the third swing

As it is 0-2, Game 3...

...The third 「Steel Temepest」begins!!!

ㄴ It seems that the first two swings didn’t hit

ㄴ They’ll miss the third blow

ㄴ They missed the first two strikes. How can they use the tornado?


G2 gets first blood!

ㄴ They’re freed from the library!

ㄴ Game 3 is really slow... I almost dozed off.

ㄴ They’re not G2, they’re Gen.G2


The difference is too big...

ㄴ They’re breaking the 3-1 international rule


Post Match

The world’s fanciest picture of the deceased... 

ㄴ The opening LUL


So it ends this way...
ㄴ Confiscate G2's Twitter for one month


Fun and Interesting Fact) After Season 3, no team ever won Worlds without any Korean players. It’s not that the “LCK” was strong, but “Korea” was strong…

ㄴ There’s no “Korean” in G2


ㄴ Yeah, I like this story.

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