[Worlds 2019] FPX Doinb: "We’ve been waiting for 40 days to say this on stage, and now we can finally say it. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!"

On the 10th, FunPlus Phoenix took down G2 Esports in the grand finals of the 2019 LoL World Championship. With the only 3-0 sweep in the knockout stages, they've defeated G2 Esports and lifted the Summoner's Cup, marking the second year that the Summoner's Cup making its way to the LPL.


The entire FPX squad stood proudly as world champions on stage, as FPX’s Mid laner, Kim ‘Doinb’ Tae-sang, and Lin ‘Lwx’ Wei-Xiang, shared their thoughts with Sjokz on their biggest win of them all.


Image Source: Riot Games English Broadcast


(To Doinb) Congratulations on becoming the world champions! What does it mean to you to lift the Summoner’s Cup after working so hard all these years?


I think I’ve finally proven myself. A lot of people have said that a Mid laner with my playstyle doesn’t deserve to win the championship, but I’ve proven that I do deserve it, and I want to think all my teammates and everyone that supported me.

(To Lwx) You’ve played phenomenally throughout the whole tournament. What does it mean to you to become a world champion?


I think I’ve also proven myself in this series as well.

Could you also tell me, why do you think you are better than your opponents, G2 as a team today?


I think that it wasn’t us performing particularly well, but G2 underperforming today.

(To Doinb) You and FPX have gained so many fans from all around the world, during this tournament. What would you like to say to all of them?


We’ve been waiting for 40 days to say this on stage, and now we can finally say it. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Your wife, Umi, has supported you throughout every single one of your matches during this year’s Worlds. What would you like to say to this very special fan of yours at Worlds?


Before Worlds, I’ve told her that I’d take her to Paris, but didn’t promise her that I’d win the championship. I really want to thank her for being there with me. Before this year, I was contemplating retirement, but she told me to believe in myself and try it for the last time. I couldn’t have lifted this championship trophy without her. Thank you so much.

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