[Worlds 2019] K/DA’s Akali, aka (G)I-dle’s Soyeon, on Her Return with True Damage: “As art forms, there are no boundaries between music and games.”


Following last year’s success from Riot Games' music group, ‘K/DA’, ‘True Damage’ has been officially revealed during the opening ceremony of the 2019 LoL World Championship. With a totally unique and different music showcased by True Damage, the feedback from the audience at the finals has been incredible.


One thing to note is that Akali has been featured in both musical projects. Some may wonder why Akali made her appearance in both projects, but with (G)I-dle’s Soyeon representing Akali, she turned out to be the perfect fit for both K/DA and True Damage. Not only is she a proficient lyricist and a producer, she’s a great singer/rapper as well, so perhaps that’s why Riot Games wanted her to return this year as well.


With (G)I-dle’s recent song, ‘Lion’ climbing up to 13th on the Billboard charts, Soyeon’s becoming even more recognized as an international artist. How did True Damage’s Akali/Soyeon become part of the finals opening ceremony of Worlds for the second year in a row?



Following the success from Riot’s successful virtual music group, K/DA, you’re now part of True Damage. Why did you agree to join True Damage?


I’ve had so many good memories with K/DA, so I definitely wanted to experience it again if I was given the chance. I’m honored to be a part of True Damage.

You’ve represented the champion, Akali, for the 2nd year in a row. Do you agree with the consensus that you fit the champion’s image?


I think Akali has a very cool and a strong image. My character in (G)I-dle is just like her, so that’s why I’m a good fit.

How does it feel to be a part of two Worlds finals opening ceremonies?


Even just being a part of it once is considered a huge honor, so I want to thank Riot Games for the second opportunity.

How is True Damage Akali different from K/DA Akali?


K/DA was more of a K-pop girl group, but True Damage is a hip-hop group. Just like its hip-hop concept, I just wanted to have more fun on stage with my team.

You’ve had nothing but praise for the True Damage team this year. If you are to pick an artist from the team that left a huge impression on you, who would it be?


If I had to choose, it would be DUCKWRTH. There’s a part in the song where the mood of the song takes a drastic turn, and I really love that part. DUCKWRTH does a really great job in that important part of the song.

After your visit to Riot Games HQ last year, you’ve started playing League of Legends. Have you tried playing Akali yet?


Akali… is too hard (laughter). I’m still bad at the game, but I’m practicing Lucian really hard.

Last year, you’ve performed in Korea, and this year, in Europe. How is the performance different in Europe as to Korea?


I don’t think there’s any difference. LoL fans are the same anywhere, so I’m just glad that the fans enjoyed both of the performances.


Your atmosphere changes drastically when you take stage. What’s on your mind while you’re performing on stage?


In both True Damage and K/DA, I tried represent Akali as much as possible, and tried to express her cool and tough image. She’s as strong as she is hard to play. 

Do people around you play LoL? If so, how did they respond to your involvement in K/DA and True Damage?


I do have friends playing LoL, so when I told them about my involvement in both of those groups, the response was even better than when I told them about (G) I-dle. There’s a lot of friends that don’t listen to mainstream K-pop, but play LoL, so when they congratulated me, it was a very unique, and a satisfying experience.


You’ve recently released ‘Lion’, with (G)I-dle as well, so how do you keep up with your hectic schedule?


I really enjoy new challenges, so even if I’m really busy, I want to try new things.

Do you take pride in representing Korea through both K-pop and League of Legends?


When it comes to art forms like music, performances, and gaming, I believe that there are no boundaries. I’m really grateful for just being a center and a part of the artistic movement, and I hope to continue the trend in the future.

What kind of an artist does ‘Soyeon’ want to be remembered as?


I want to show that I take on every new challenge and that I work hard at them. I want to be remembered as a versatile artist on stage, and I also want to be remembered as ‘(G) I-dle Soyeon’ with my girls as well.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


I’ve become close with the True Damage team as well, and we’ve had great synergy. I’m left with nothing but good memories with them, and it’s been an honor to be a part of the Worlds finals stage for the 2nd year in a row. Finally, please send your love and support (G) I-dle as well. Thank you.

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