Fortnite brings back 'Chief Hopper' and 'Demogorgon' Outfits for Stranger Things Day

One week ago, Netflix declared November 6th as Stranger Things Day in commemoration of the production company's hit sci-fi horror show of the same name. In observance of Stranger Things Day, Fortnite will be bringing the outfits from its collaboration with Netflix for the show's season 3 premiere, which began streaming on July 4th, 2019. 

▲ Image Source: Netflix

The 'Chief Hopper' and 'Demogorgon' Outfits were originally released as part of Fortnite's July 4th collaboration with Netflix. The collaboration was teased with portals to The Upside-Down, the name of the alternate universe where the Demogorgon and other horrifying monsters reside, popping up all over the Fortnite map in the days leading up to the crossover announcement.

Fortnite Chapter 2 possesses difference in both gameplay and visual aesthetic, and both outfits have been cosmetically updated to fit into the game's new look. Chief Hopper's physical appearance has been updated to reflect Stranger Things actor David Harbour's recent physical transformation.

The Demogorgon, the OG big bad of Stranger Things way back in season 1, has had its outfit's appearance updated to look far more accurate to the Duffer Bros' terrifying creation than its pre-Chapter 2 appearance.


In typical Fortnite fashion, bringing back the Stranger Things outfits wasn't even the first thing Epic Games had announced on the day. The new Darkfire Bundle is also available, and consists of a trio of Outfits, Backblings, Wraps, Pickaxes, and a new Emote. 

If there's one thing that hasn't changed about Fortnite since turning the page to Chapter 2, it's that Epic Games is well aware of the importance in keeping its community engaged through consistent adjustments, updates, and collaborations.


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