[Worlds 2019: Press Conference] G2 Caps: "In order to prove that I’m the best, I have to run a marathon, where I have to continue to perform at the highest level. Or role swap."

In the second semifinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship, G2 Esports took down SK Telecom T1 to head into the finals at Worlds. G2 now looks to complete the year with a ‘Grand Slam’, as FunPlus Phoenix is the final team that stands in their way. After the heated series, G2 joined the media for a press conference.

(For Mikyx) Going into the finals, you’ll be playing against Crisp, who’s considered one of the best Support in the competition so far. What do you think about the player, and how will you prepare against him?


Mikyx: I think Crisp is a really good support. He’s been performing the best out of every other Support player in the tournament so far, so I’m really looking forward to playing against him in the finals. I know that I can do well against him, because today’s series gave me a lot of confidence. 

(For Caps) For the second year in a row, you’re in the Worlds finals playing against a Chinese team. What do you think is the difference between being in G2 this year as to being in Fnatic last year? Maybe you can tell us about the difference in atmosphere and your road to the finals.


Caps: Because they’re two different teams, there are a million things that are different. Last year, I felt that Korea was underperforming at Worlds, while IG played really well. However, this year, every team showed up. Maybe NA didn’t, but…(laughter). Most regions showed up, and that’s why I think that our team played really well this year. But last year, I felt like my team didn’t play that well, but we got really far in the tournament because we faced C9 in the semifinals. I’m happy with how we’ve played this year. We’ve improved a lot, and we’re playing at a really high level.

Do you think that this year will be the year to prove that EU is just as strong as the Eastern teams?


Wunder: I think it’s not the West as a whole, but it’s just G2 performing really well. Splyce and Fnatic got knocked out in the quarterfinals, and NA didn’t even make it out of groups. Also, even during our regular split, we’ve only had Fnatic really pressure us in the finals. That’s why that West isn’t up to par yet with the East, and any top 6 to 8 teams from China could probably win NA LCS.


Caps: Also, I feel like every region is strong in their own rights, so heading into next year’s MSI and Worlds, I think it’ll be really hard to pick out a favorite, so it’ll be really fun.


(To Perkz) What’s your opinion on the Xayah vs Kai’sa matchup?


Perkz: I can’t go into too much detail because we’re playing in the finals next week, but I’m confident in the matchup on both sides. It’s a skill matchup.

(To Mikyx) A lot of people saying that Perkz is the best Bot laner in the world, and that G2’s bot lane is the best in the world. Would you say that you’re the best Support player in the world?


Mikyx: No, because I haven’t played well except for this series. Crisp was really consistent throughout the tournament, so I’d rate him to be above me, but I’m not sure about the rest. Maybe I’m the second best, since I’ve made it into the finals.

(To Caps) You’ve defeated Faker twice. Is there any other Mid laner that you consider to be really good?


Caps: Faker played really well today. I think there are a lot of Mid laners that are really strong, and since it’s a really important role, I think there are so many other players that are at least on par with me. In order to prove that I’m the best, I have to run a marathon, where I have to continue to perform at the highest level. Or role swap (laughter).


(To Carlos) You’ve been hated by the Spanish LoL community for many years, so how did it feel for the Spanish fans to cheer your name?


Carlos: I’m used to people chanting my name. I’m still hated, but it just so happens that G2 has more fans than Fnatic and Origen. Haters will be haters, but they can’t take their hate to Twitter, since the G2 army will win.

(To Ocelote) Another big topic for Worlds is the champion skins that the winning team gets. For a team that is so flexible with the champions, how would you choose the champions for the skins?


Ocelote: We’ll just take a look at which champion sells the most skins, and we’ll make the most commercial decision possible. 

(To Jankos) In the SKT press conference earlier, they’ve stated that the biggest difference between G2 and SKT today was that G2 was able to recover well when they were behind, and SKT made more mistakes when they were ahead. What can you tell us about G2’s mentality, especially when you were behind?


Jankos: We are a team that tends to not panic, and we always look for opportunities to come back from a deficit. We felt like we were behind a lot during our early game because we’ve made a lot of mistakes. However, we didn’t panic, and we’ve utilized the strength of our team composition, so we were able to recover. I felt that they’ve made a lot of misplays, because they couldn’t capitalize on their leads, so I was actually quite surprised.

(To Mikyx) Norskeren from Splyce said that he thought Mata was an easier opponent to face. What did you think about facing both of them today?


Mikyx: I do agree that Mata performed worse than Effort, because he made silly mistakes, like getting caught out a lot. I also felt that Effort was underperforming, but is still better than Mata.

(To Caps) Perkz told Carlos that he’ll only role swap for Faker and Caps. Would you role swap for anyone at this year’s Worlds?


Caps: I think that we’re in the process of picking up Doinb (laughter). We’ll decide after next week, so I don’t want to get stressed out by it.

Yesterday, Doinb said that he’d rather play against you at the finals, because you guys have a similar style with a massive champion pool. How do you feel about that answer, and how will you prepare for the finals?


Caps: I think that all Mid laners who’s played in the semifinals are really strong. Although we’re not as drastic and crazy as they are, we still try to think outside the box to either come back from a deficit, or to snowball a lead. It’ll be really exciting to play a team with such a similar style, and also excited for how the drafts will go.

(To Carlos) As an EU team with an all EU roster, will you be picking up prospects from other regions, or will you be continuing the tradition of keeping your roster strictly EU?


Carlos: I don’t know, since we’re looking into picking up Doinb (laughter). If you go global, you have more access to talent, so simple mathematics will tell you that you’ll have more options. However, there’s a lot of pros for keeping the roster strictly European. Culturally speaking, if you have a Korean player in your roster, there will be a lot of cultural clashes, so that’s a big reason why I’d like to continue to keep the roster strictly European. That’s why I think that this roster is the most unique and insane for any esports title that has ever existed.

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    You actually win against skt because you are bad, they don't know how to face autism, skt were better on all point except facing bronze, who refuse to play league, the are the best player in the world in each rôle. G2 are wannabe, first wannabe most popular than FNC and now, wannabe better than SKT, but they all lost their lane. This is the first time in the history of worlds, that the best player in the best team don't go in final. That's a shame and this is because this game is actually a shame. Every thing has to be remake : Matchmaking, Lp, bonus for the best, restriction/ban, inactivity. Because actually the game is dead, s10 or not, hype or not.

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