[Worlds 2019] G2 vs T1 KR Reactions: "Let’s face it. LCK are the challengers now."

[Game 1]


Promisq shows off his MSI medal.

Yo, where are the three Worlds trophies?


ㄴ Has he even played a game??

ㄴ SKT’s getting mocked even by their sub.

ㄴ So who exactly is he?

   ㄴHe gained a stacked on his Bonetooth Necklace passive with the kill on SKT.    

ㄴLOL IG’s already in the bin. Why does the situation look so familiar?

ㄴPlease win, SKT.

ㄴThose fools are and will always be the same.


[Faker’s Mistake Costs them Game 1]

 ㄴ Admit it, Faker fanboys. This death cost SKT the game.

ㄴ G2’s really good at mind games.

ㄴ For real though, it’s not because Faker’s bad, but G2 played well.

[Summary of Yesterday and today’s games]




ㄴ I understand why GO isn’t a popular game.

[Game 2 Starts]

Faker picked Yasuo?

Yasuo W IRL

ㄴ Emperor Clid.

ㄴ But Clid died right after this GG.

ㄴ Clid died right after.

ㄴ Why did Ryze come from there??

ㄴ G2’s also really good at picks

ㄴ G2’s team composition scales a lot harder, so doesn’t G2 just win in late game?


Korea’s #1 Blademaster, Teddy


ㄴ Was Teddy always this good at non-Marksman champions?

ㄴ He always played that in solo queue.

ㄴ This is the first time watching Teddy being so good on a non-Marksman champion.

ㄴ I thought I was watching Dade’s Yasuo in his prime.

Game 2’s over after this.

ㄴ Emperor Clid LUL


ㄴ Damn, he’s quick.

   ㄴ Clid’s smite game is on point.

   ㄴ Clid’s smite had more damage because of the level difference.

Faker Getting Rehydrated

He’s stocking up on his liquids after the game.

ㄴ Sugar level restocking complete.

ㄴ He stacked up on his tears.

ㄴ All he has to do is to let it all go next game.

ㄴ A nice drink after being carried is in the unofficial rulebooks.


Game 3



Enter 2017 Khan

ㄴ Emperor Khan.

ㄴ King Khan.

ㄴ Khan is GOAT.

ㄴ He has to taunt them in all chat after this.


G2 Faker Burns Flash

ㄴDamn, that was a good Flash.


Today’s the day that Faker bawls his eyes out.

ㄴAren’t they forcing this too much?

ㄴThe Mid difference is big, but the Top-Mid synergy difference is bigger. 

ㄴIf you give infinite Flashes to a S8 Diamond player, will he win Worlds?


Faker’s Failed Flash #2

ㄴ The Great Faker Even Receives the Entertainment Award


Caps Didn’t Die From That...

Effort can’t land his skillshots

ㄴ What’s SKT doing? Sub in Mata right now.

ㄴ Effort’s hard throwing right now.

ㄴ [Breaking] Bengi is subbed in as emergency.

ㄴ Seriously though, why aren’t they using Mata?

ㄴ The Mid/Support difference is huge.


Faker's damage percentage



[Game 4 ]


Mata In

ㄴMata, please sub out Faker and play Nautilus Mid.

ㄴ Please play well, Mata qq.

ㄴ Please, just once.

ㄴ Sigh, who cares about Mata, they lost draft.

Perkz’s Windwall

ㄴ His reaction time is crazy.

ㄴ Wow, he didn’t even have vision.

ㄴ G2 actually pinged there. I think they knew.

     ㄴ Even if he predicted that, is that possible? That Cocoon came from a bush with no vision.


Enter 2013 Faker

2013 Faker - 2014 Mata: Old Man Synergy Online

ㄴ Go Old Men Duo!


2013 Faker has disconnected after 3 minutes.

ㄴ It’s over. Book the plane tickets to Korea, Zefa.

ㄴ Khan tried so hard to carry

ㄴ Mata’s mechanics became a lot worse 

    ㄴ They can’t solve their problems in their weak Support position.

    ㄴ Can you please buy a stopwatch, Mata?


Faker’s Greed for a Control Ward.

ㄴ Faker...

ㄴ NotLikeThis...


Faker’s hands are shaking... 

ㄴ Why is he talking like that after he got picked?

ㄴ Go serve your mandatory military service, Faker and Mata.

ㄴ Clid’s crying qq.

Meanwhile, a team that is the most mysterious.

Griffin, a team that beat Emperor G2 twice with Sword on the team.

G2’s Victory

ㄴ Let’s face it. LCK are the challengers now.

ㄴ G2’s macro and teamfighting is on point. 

ㄴ Smile, bitches. It’s a celebration.

ㄴ What a difference in skill. To lose teamfights with such an advantage is just...

ㄴ To throw such leads like this...

There were too many instances where Faker threw...

ㄴ Faker did well, but Jankos kept him well out of fights. 

ㄴ It’s rude to compare Caps to Faker.

ㄴ Let’s face it, LCK’s a wildcard region now.

They deserved to lose.

ㄴStill, IG lost, so the record for two consecutive Worlds titles hasn’t been broken.

ㄴThe Support difference was too big. Mikyx dodged skillshots from the fog of war like a god, and compared to him, Effort and Mata seemed terrible.


ㄴA good thing about SKT being eliminated: There will be no more bullshit about how LCK’s weak and SKT’s strong.

ㄴ Everyone except for Khan deserves the belt.

ㄴ Still, it’s a fact that SKT’s the strongest team in the LCK.

ㄴ Does this mean that Korea even sucks at video games now???

The Person that’s The Happiest ATM



Faker was at his worst today.

ㄴ LCK doesn’t know how to teamfight. Please learn from China.

ㄴ Why were they in such a hurry? They could’ve won if they were a bit more composed.

ㄴ Let’s face it. In terms of macro, mechanics, and teamfighting, they were heavily outclassed. Everyone but Khan played terribly.

ㄴ I feel so bad for Khan. He was 1v9ing the whole series.


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  • 0

    level 1 Wintermelon


    Although I agree with your comments and thoughts, I also find some of your insults rude! Are all gaming commenters here like this??

    • 0

      level 40 Viion


      Hi! All KR reactions are scrapped and translated from several Korean communities like LoL Inven etc. It may not be all of the comments nor the majority opinion of the fans, but I'd like to clarify that this is not our own opinion. Thank you for your interest in our content!

    • 0

      level 10 Genryou


      As it was explained and in other words, in the same way people comment on YouTube or Reddit, these are comments made in Korean and translated for this article, that's it.

  • 0

    level 1 Kira_Kira


    These comments are all so toxic and damn. So angry. SKT did their best but they are a fresh team unlike G2 who has alot of experience. Of course they would crack under pressure.
    • 0

      level 10 Genryou


      No, those are excuses, SKT played bad, plainly bad, it's not they're a new team or not and although, times are changed, Korean teams could beat anyone with recently formed squads.

      If you watch the LCK, you know they're not that good at certain things, like teamfighting, because, usually, when a team fell behind in gold and exp, instead of fightback, they play scared and let the other team just crush them, the worst part of SKT was their teamfighting skills, any other good would have beaten G2 in this semifinal. For some reason, these days, LCK teams tend to throw a lot against EU and NA.

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