[Worlds 2019: FPX Press Conference] Doinb: "I still have more than 100 champions that I haven't shown you guys."

In the first semifinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship, FunPlus Phoenix defeated Invictus Gaming 3-1 and advanced to the finals. After bringing down the defending champions, the players of FunPlus Phoenix gathered in the media room for a press conference.

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(To Tian) Your trash-talking is getting well known throughout the community. What do you want to say to your new supporters and how are you taking on this new fame worldwide?


Tian: In my own perspective, I think my standard is quite good, and I'm very good at trash talks.

(To Doinb) You guys will face SKT or G2 in the finals. Who do you think is going to win tomorrow? Which team would you rather face?


Doinb: No matter who wins, it would be 3-1 to end up the series. Basically, I want to face against G2 because I talked to G2's coach yesterday and told him that we are going to meet at Paris.

(To GimGoon) Last week, you said if you were able to handle TheShy, you will have a lot of chances to win the series. How would you rate your performance against TheShy in this series?


GimGoon: When there's a match, I'm always very nervous, but today, I was prepared well mentally. I was just like if we win, I'm going to go to the airport to Paris, if we lose, we just go home. So I didn't have much pressure and just played normally.

(To Doinb) G2 is known for playing a lot of creative and fun picks. How do you think you'll deal with that and do you have any surprises for them?


Doinb: I'm very looking forward to meeting G2 in the finals. Both of us can't like these flex picks and all the surprise picks. I still have more than 100 champions that I haven't shown you guys.

(To Doinb) Tomorrow, SKT will play against G2. Who do you personally want to progress to the finals as your competitor and who do you look forward to facing more, Caps or Faker?


Doinb: To be honest, I want to play against those two players. I think Caps has a similar playing style with me and I Faker has been said to be the strongest player in the laning phase. So I want to play with both of them but if I must choose one, I think I choose Caps.

(To Doinb) You've played with a lot of impressive junglers in your career. Can you talk about playing with Tian and what makes him special as a teammate and jungler partner?


Doinb: I think Tian is such a genius. He has a very good mechanism and also he uses his brain to play games.

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    level 1 sfa00062

    If possible, please translate the Chinese responses by yourselves. The English-to-Chinese translations have been so off in the recent press conferences, and even Clement hit his troughs (thank goodness he corrects himself on Twitter).

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