[Worlds 2019: IG Press Conference] Rookie: "If FunPlus gains advantage and just plays normally, they can get the win."

In the semifinals of the 2019 LoL World Championship, defending champions, Invictus Gaming fell to FunPlus Phoenix. Leaving the regrets behind, Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-bo attended the press conference after the match.


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(To Rookie) Tian played a very good series. He's the next generation of superstars in China. How do you see him as a player and what are your expectations for him in the future?


Rookie: After this whole year, Tian played very well in the LPL. Also, I think all the FunPlus players are really good, but Tian made his effort through this. I think in today's bo5, Tian played so well. I think our performance wasn't as good and I think that's why we didn't manage to win against them.

(To JackeyLove) Would you be able to sum up your experience at this Worlds and what's been your highlight?


JackeyLove: I'm generally quite satisfied with our results. I don't think I have so many highlights through this whole year, but I think to be in the quarterfinals, in LPL, summer playoffs, through the whole journey until the semifinals in the World Championship is okay.

(To Rookie) There has been a lot of controversy about Doinb because Nemesis said that he was one of the worst mid laners in the tournament. Now that you have faced him, how would you define or rate Doinb as a player?


Rookie: I think Doinb has his own very unique personality, his own playing style. He often plays mid tank champions and he actually makes the game. Since we have played so many games in the LPL region as well, I think he's a very good player in general.

What is the one thing you want to change in today's series?


Rookie: I think in this kind of big international tournament, every single mistake affects the result. In today's match, players from our team made many small mistakes and those put together made us not be able to win this series. I think we have to change the small mistakes and try to perfect our performance in the future.


JackeyLove: I think the main reason for losing this series is in the beginning stage, we let our opponents get so many kills. We made so many mistakes in the early game so that we didn't manage to win this series. Also, there were mechanic mistakes that made us unable to win the teamfight. I think that's the main reason.

As two players that have been to World finals, what advice do you have for FPX heading to the finals?


Rookie: As the first seed from the LPL region, FunPlus has a very good atmosphere. For us, we only got to the semifinals, and FunPlus played better than us in today's series. If FunPlus gains advantage and just plays normally, they can get the win.


JackeyLove: The only advice for them is to play more stable and if they play just as well as today's performance, I think they can get the win.


▲ Image source: Riot Games

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