Dragons descent in Hearthstone's next expansion, and the action starts December 10

Blizzard has announced the third and final expansion for Hearthstone in 2019: Descent of Dragons. As announced by Hearthstone art lead Ben Thompson, the expansion will be host to more dragons than any ever before. The League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers clash for a final time in Northrend, aided by the most powerful dragons Azeroth has ever seen.



The most powerful dragon to ever roam the planet, Galakrond, has been recruited by the forces of evil. He's a 7 Mana card that starts off weak, but gains strength by being "Invoked"—a new keyword joining Hearthstone as of this set. Upon being invoked, Galakrond's strength grows, until he reaches his third and final form. Naturally, other dragons join the fray too: all five legendary dragons (Ysera, Nozdormu, Malygos, Alexstrasza and Deathwing) will be part of the set, with new effects.

Below you can see Galakrond's effects for the Rogue class, but he'll also be available to Priests, Warlocks, Warriors and Shamans, having different effects for each class.

▲ The five Descent of Dragons cards the Hearthstone team has revealed
▲ Galakrond level 2
▲ Galakrond level 3

The set launches on December 10, and can be pre-purchased starting today. The regular pre-purchase bundle will net you:

  • 60 Hearthstone packs
  • "The Shattering" card back
  • A random golden Legendary Descent of Dragons card
  • Early access to Hearthstone's new mode: Battlegrounds


The larger bundle has the last three rewards as well, but differs on two spots:

  • You get 100 card packs with this bundle
  • You get Deathwing as an alternate Hero Portrait for the Warrior class

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