[Worlds 2019] The Amazing and Tricky Champion Pool of G2 Esports Bot Laner Perkz

The 2019 LoL World Championship Semifinals is on its way. One of the two matches is the hottest match LoL fans have been waiting for since the MSI. The most decorated team in LoL esports history, SK Telecom T1, will be facing MSI champions, G2 Esports, and only one team can advance to the finals. In their previous matchup, G2 defeated SKT 3-2 at the semifinals of the MSI.

One of the biggest reasons for G2 Esports’ rise this year was the addition of Rasmus “Caps” Winther to the G2 Roster. With Caps in mid lane, G2 Esports formed a ‘super team’ in the EU region. In the beginning, there were clear doubts, the main issue being what they would do with Luka “Perkz” Perković, the original mid laner. They way G2 handled this situation was to transition Perkz to bot lane, and this brought immediate success. Perkz’s ability to play non-marksmen in the bot lane, as well as traditional marksmen, brought even more diversity to G2 Esports’ draft.

The 2019 LoL World Championship bot lane meta can be summed down to Xayah, Kai’Sa, and non-marksmen. Xayah was picked or banned 80% of the games, being selected 30 times (23 bans) out of the total 66 games. With Kai’Sa, it was 77% (45 picks, 6 bans). These two champions are used the most in bot lane, but in situations where they aren’t available, mostly non-marksmen are used.

This meta suits Perkz perfectly. It can be said that Xayah is Perkz’s signature pick. This year, Perkz played Xayah 19 times, and of those 19 games, he only lost 3 times. Aside from his fantastic win rate, his explosiveness in the game is also quite outstanding. Besides Xayah, he has played Kai’Sa 12 games, winning 8 of them.

The current meta showcasing non-marksmen in the bot lane is also a plus for Perkz. This year, Perkz has shown many different champions in the bot lane; he has demonstrated a champion pool that is unheard of for bot laners. The non-marksmen champions he has played this year are Jayce, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Neeko, Sona, Pyke, Rakan, Syndra, Mordekaiser, Zed, Zoe, and Orianna. Perkz’s record on non-marksmen champions is 15-8.

■ Perkz’s 2019 Record

Xayah 16-3
Kai’Sa 8-4
Non-ADC 15-8

Looking only at just this World Championship, his non-marksmen weren’t as effective. Yasuo was 1-1, Zoe 0-1, Orianna 0-1; he had a total 1-3 record, which isn’t as impressive. However, the possibility of Perkz bringing an unexpected pick can be very confusing. Every single game matters in the knockout stage, in the semifinals. However well his teammates play, Perkz is the single ace of G2 Esports.



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