True Damage - Kadu Out Talks About League of Legend's Cosplay Project

Cosplayers Mica Burton (Senna),  Stella Chuu (Akali), Nadya Anton (Qiyana), Kadeem (Ekko), Johnny Junkers (Yasuo)


League of Legends released a set of pictures with cosplay superstars representing their newest skin set and musical project True Damage. The designs are impressive, nailing every detail present in the characters outfits.

We got to speak to  Kadeem "Kadu Out" about his latest cosplay creation for Riot Games, Ekko's True Damage skin. Kadu is known for his cosplay and photography work.


You're a cosplay veteran, specially when it comes to League of Legends. How did the opportunity to participate in this project come?


It was about a month ago, I was contacted by Rioter about being apart of a cosplay project. There was so much secrecy in this that I didn't even know what I was cosplaying from (skin line) until I saw the concept art. I just accepted because I knew it was my boy ekko.


True Damage art by Riot Games


What was it like to recreate Ekko's design? What methods did you use for this costume?


Getting this cosplay together was a journey. I had two friends help me out. My homie Cindy (XxSnowfrostxx) worked on the jacket while my other homie Ninja-Dee worked on the pants and printed out few objects for me. As for the rest of the outfit I used mostly eva foam and thin acrylic sheets to craft the props. Also spent a day getting extensions and hair done which was painful. (Never again)


What was your reaction seeing True Damage for the first time?


To say I was really hyped up would be an understatement. It was amazing and I felt so horrible that I couldn't share the photos with anyone.



How is the public reacting to your cosplay?


So far it's a good reaction. A lot of people seem to like the cosplays from the group. I think many people are just confused on how it was done so fast, but once they learn that we had time to work on it, then it should be fine.



True Damage represents so many different cultures coming together. What is the importance of representation of cultures in gaming and cosplay to you?


Representation is everything and I'm happy that in media we're really getting it now. We see it in movies and now video games. I remember seeing all the popstar and pentakill skins and really wanted a hip hop versions. Hopefully we get more champions and skins for different culture. I think we're moving in the right direction.


Any words to the people working on this project over at Riot Games?


Shout out to the amazing people working hard at Riot. These skins are incredible, I'm just so happy that I was blessed enough to be apart of it.


You can find Kadu's artwork on:





Kadu also has done the most insane Lucian cosplay out there!

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