Esports organization compLexity Gaming signs #1 Warcraft PvE guild Limit

▲ Image Source: compLexity Gaming

Esports organization Complexity Gaming has formed a partnership with Limit Guild. Limit Guild, now rebranded to COMPLEXITY-LIMIT, is currently ranked as the #1 North American Warcraft PvE guild.


The partnership was announced by Complexity Gaming via twitter in the form of a cinematic short featuring members of Limit and elements of WoW merging into the real world. As the #1 PvE guild in North America, COMPLEXITY-LIMIT.

This is not the first partnership signed by the top PvE guild in North America. Last December, health brand GNC partnered with Limit in a raiding deal for Battle for Azeroth, the most recent WoW expansion, that provided the guild with supplements and a nutritional advisor during their raid progression.




PvE raids usually consist of 10-30 people taking on a single AI enemy, usually a large boss, in an environmental setting that requires coordination and utilization of various skillsets and specializations to succeed against and complete the quest. Organizations like Limit Guild have made a name for themselves on becoming the first to complete the raids provided by the quests of the most recent Warcraft expansion.


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