[Worlds 2019: DWG Press Conference] Coach Kim: "Today, we learned a lot from G2... I wish everyone learns from them."

In the quarterfinals of the 2019 LoL World Championship, DAMWON Gaming lost to G2 Esports 1-3. Despite the disheartening loss, the players and coach of DAMWON said that they gained valuable experience through their appearance at this World Championship. Below is the full transcript of their press conference.

(To Nuguri) How would you evaluate your own performance today? What do you think you could have done better?


Nuguri: My performance today was really regretful. What I could have done better was maybe I could have played more to my style or stick to the team play. I should have decided on one thing and executed, but it didn’t go well.

(To coach Kim) DAMWON didn’t have initiative during most of the series. Do you think it’s due to lack of preparation or was it that G2 was too strong?


Kim: We tried to snowball more, but we weren’t able to manage our waves well, so we lost initiative and was dove often.


(To Nuguri) In the last game, you started 0/4/0 on Irelia. Why do you think that happened?


Nuguri: In the early game, we went on a counter jungle on blue and even called in Kayle. Kayle fell behind a lot because of that so Yasuo was free to roam. That caused me to die often. I think that was the biggest problem.


(To coach Kim) What did you learn most at this Worlds?


Kim: Today, we learned a lot from G2. They were good at snowballing, using waves efficiently… I wish everyone learns from them. I was really surprised that they were that good. I hope the whole team learns from this experience to improve in the future.

(To Showmaker) Despite the loss, you were seen smiling a bit after the game. What went through your mind at that moment?


Showmaker: In the last game, we gave up so much early, I thought that we lost. Still, we tried to do something to come back. We caught up a lot, but we lost everything in one second so I felt a bit dispirited. I guess it was a hollow smile.


(To Nuguri) It was the first big international competition for the whole team. What did you learn over the past month being in such a big tournament?


Nuguri: Rather than in-game things, I was able to learn a lot about how I can get along with my teammates better, and how I should put my attitude to play better. Obviously, I’ve learned a lot in-game as well, but mostly I learned about stuff outside of the game.

(To coach Kim) Griffin and DAMWON both lost in the quarters. Do you think this shows the current state of the LCK or do you think SKT will win it all?


Kim: To start with DAMWON and Griffin, I feel sorry that we’re knocked out. I think SKT is the heaviest favorites. They have performance, experience, and prowess. Taking it to the LCK as a whole, it’s a bit regretful. If we would have made it further, it would have been better.


(To Canyon) Today, you played against Jankos. How was it? We heard that DAMWON completely dominated G2 in scrims, how was today’s match different from scrims?


Canyon: It seems that Jankos is very good at using his teammates while he moves around. And about the scrims; I think we were a lot worse today compared to scrims.


(To coach Kim) You were very dominating during the group stage, but it seemed a bit different today. Was it that G2 was good or DWG underperformed?


Kim: It’s both G2 was good and we underperformed. What was different from groups is that since all my players are rookies, they’re a bit weaker in best-ofs. They get too worked up when they lose one game, get too eager saying they want to do this and that making the picks & bans go wrong. I think this is just a way of gaining more experience. Since everyone has experienced this, I think it’ll get better next time.


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