[Worlds 2019] G2 Perkz Sends a Message to Faker: "I think Faker should be scared because Claps is coming."

On the 26th, G2 Esports took down DAMWON Gaming in the fourth quarterfinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship. With this victory over DAMWON, they now face SK Telecom T1, in a rematch of the MSI semifinals.


G2’s Bot laner, Luka ‘PerkzPerković, joined Sjokz in the official Riot Games English broadcast for the post-match interview to share his thoughts about the victory. 




Congratulations! What does it mean to make it to the semifinals with this incredible crowd supporting you?


This crowd is pretty awesome (cheer)! When I heard this crowd, I told my team that we should get a little hyped, but not too much, because if we get too hyped, we tend to make bad plays. So don’t get us too hyped, but it’s okay after we win. You can scream as loud as you can. We only make mistakes because the crowd gets us too hyped.

I think the crowd is chanting MVP! So Uma Jan, do you think your performance was an MVP performance?


I think I could’ve played better, especially in game 4. Other than that, I’m really happy with my performance today.

This series was the closest quarterfinal series, and it looked like you guys were evenly matched. Did you feel the same, and what was the biggest challenge that you faced in this series?


I think we weren’t playing how we usually play. I think we were playing as if we were scared almost. However, in game 4, there were times when we were too excited at the fact that we’re going to win, so we couldn’t bond together well as a team. However, I was sure that we were going to win today, so it was funny seeing people predict that we were going to lose.

Last year, you and G2 beat RNG, so can you compare how you felt back then, as to right now?


I think that in a way, we’ve overachieved, because we’ve shown dominance throughout the year. However, this year, our goal was to win Worlds, and taking one step at a time towards that goal meant that each match was just another obstacle in our journey. I’m excited and looking forward to our rematch vs SKT, and I’m pretty hyped.

Next week, in this exact stage, you’ll be playing SKT. Earlier, I’ve interviewed Faker, and he actually wanted his revenge match against G2. Give me your final words for SKT next week.

I think Faker should be scared because Claps is coming (cheer). 

Is there anything that you’d like to say to the crowd and the people watching at home?


I love you guys. Next week, please cheer for us again. (After picking up a crown from the crowd) I’ll wear this crown after we win Worlds.

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