[Worlds 2019] G2 advances to Semifinals after 3-1 victory over DWG

Europe did it! After the FNC and SPY elimination, there was a nervousness stirring that the Worlds hosts would not send any representatives to the Semifinals. But G2 showed up on the day to take out the impressive Korean third seed, Damwon Gaming. 


The main fear stemmed seeing how dominant IG was over GRF, the latter having beaten G2. And with the former having lost to DWG... Everything added up to DWG > G2. The big question was always - which G2 will show up, and which DWG will show up to match them?

Well, luckily for the home crowd, they did not have to watch two of their teams fall on the day. G2 beat DWG in yet another 3-1 victory, making all Quarterfinals end with the same record. 

G2 brought out a whole mix of compositions, showing versatility, but in their gameplay, always showing their willingness to fight. Each game had different star performers, and rarely did they have any of their signature int, that so often loses them games. 

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

The Bo5 buff came through for G2, and they will meet SKT in the Semifinals in Madrid next weekend. On the other side of the bracket, it'll be the battle of the LPL first and third seeds, FPX and IG respectively. Follow here for more Worlds news and content.

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