[Worlds 2019: SKT Press Conference] Faker: "I do think that I deserve to be called the GOAT."

SK Telecom T1 defeated Splyce 3-1 in the 2019 LoL World Championship Quarterfinals. Although Splyce took a game away from them, SK Telecom T1 was able to move on to the next stage. After the match, the players and coaches of SK Telecom T1 joined the media for a press conference.


(To Teddy) Do you think there were many problems appearing while facing Splyce? And which EU team do you think is the best?


Teddy: I think our problems were that we made mistakes. I think G2 is the strongest among the EU teams.

(To Faker) DAMWON vs G2, who do you think will win? Who do you want to face more?


Faker: Both teams are very strong teams. It would be hard to predict which team is stronger, but I wouldn’t mind whoever reaches the semifinals.

(To kkOma) In a previous interview, you said that the team hasn’t reached the championship form. After today’s match, do you think you’ve reached that level?


kkOma: I often get asked about our current level - I think all we need to do is do better than our opponent every match. I don’t know who would reach semis, but whoever it is, I believe that we will win. There are many areas that my players can do better. In terms of performance, I think we still have a lot to go.

(To Teddy) You played Draven twice. Why? And how would you rate Kobbe?


Teddy: The reason I picked Draven was that I thought he was good against Kai’Sa. As for Kobbe, I think his laning was solid, so I have a positive impression of him.


(To Faker) Your father came today. Did you spend any time with him here? What does it mean to you that he’s here supporting you?


Faker: My father came, so I met him once, but we weren’t able to be around because I was too busy. It’s big help for me when he’s at the venue, cheering me on.

(To Mata) How was the process when you played in Game 3? Why did you use your own Thresh skin?


Mata: I go through the same practice as the other players. I played that game because the coaching staff decided that I play. The reason I used my Samsung Thresh skin is that it’s my skin, and I just suddenly thought it would be fun if I use it in SKT. I never used it during practice, but since I haven’t been playing on stage for a while, I just tried it out.


(To Faker) It’s quite Splyce’s home stadium here. Did you hear the crowd? How did you and your teammates react?


Faker: I’ve never played [at Worlds] in my home stadium, but since I’ve played so many times at opponent’s homes, I wasn’t affected much from the crowd. On the other hand, I’m very thankful to the Korean fans who came all the way here to cheer for us.

(To Khan) Of the remaining top laners, who is the strongest?


Khan: I think the Korean top laners are strong. Besides me, I think TheShy and Nuguri are the strongest.


(To Faker) In the broadcast, you were called the GOAT. What do you think of that title? Do you think you’ve shown performances worthy of that title up to now?


Faker: Obviously, I’m very thankful that I’m called the GOAT. I do think that I deserve to be called the GOAT. When praised like that, it makes me want to do better, so I’ll put in more effort so that I can gain more titles like that.

(To Faker) On the other side of the bracket, two LPL teams meet. Who do you think will win?


Faker: I think both teams are strong to make it through, but I don’t know who would make it to the finals because I’ve never thought about it.

(To Faker) Your father said that you played FIFA often with him. Who won more?


Faker: It’s been so long ago so I don’t remember very well… When I was young, I had a console that starts with a P. I played it very often… But I don’t remember who won more.

(To Faker) You weren’t able to win the MSI. What did you learn the most at that tournament, and do you think you’ve fixed all the problems you had back then?


Faker: Since G2’s playstyle is very unique, we gained more flexibility from that style. We’ve fixed some of the problems we had back then, but humans always have problems. I think it would be important to fix those problems as well.


(To Khan) You’re one of the hottest top laners in this tournament with Nuguri and TheShy. How would you rate yourself among them?


Khan: I’m not sure how I would rank us, but one thing for sure is that I’m the best among the three of us. No words needed, I think I should prove myself in the next match.

(To Teddy) Your first international competition, MSI ended rather early. How far do you think you can get?


Teddy: Although my MSI ended early, I learned a lot from it. Since I don’t want it to end early at this Worlds, I think I should put in more effort and play well. As for how far I would be able to get - it would depend on my mindset and prowess.

(To Faker) Yesterday, the Chinese player said that the EU crowd affected them a bit. How was it for you?


Faker: I wasn’t affected at all. But since we can hear the crowd roaring, it would be important not to be swept by it.

(To Mata) Your nickname, Mata, was named after the footballer, Juan Mata, who’s Spanish. Today, you played in front of the Spanish crowd. Did that mean anything to you?


Mata: It didn’t mean much to me, but I think it would be a nice memory. There’s one thing I need to clarify though: I did name myself after Mata, but I’m not really a fan of him. When I picked my nickname, I was a Chelsea fan. I liked Lampard, but I wasn’t able to get that nickname, so I picked his teammate. I know it’s kind of ironic, but since Mata was Lampard’s teammate back then, I ended up with this nickname (Laughter).

(To kkOma) What do you think the difference is between eastern and western coaching? Do you have any advice to give the western coaching staff?


kkOma: Rather than the region, I think it’s important to coach each person differently. Since I’m not there, I can’t really say. What I can say is that in this scene, winning is the only correct answer. Any advice that I can give is that it’s really important to gain faith from the players.


(To kkOma) You’ve been in SKT for a long time. There were many different players you’ve had. How would you rate the current roster? And how has your coaching style changed over the years?


kkOma: The current roster… Whenever I coach my team, I always think that we’re a team that can win it all, and I think this roster can win. I don’t think my coaching style changed much, but the two other coaches, Zefa and Fly have been a big help to me.

(To Mata) In an interview during the group stage, you said that you’re not 100% satisfied with SKT’s performance. Have you solved the problem? What do you think is the biggest problem you have to fix before the next stage?


Mata: During the group stage, I thought we weren’t as good as we were before. After the quarters, we’re better than the groups, but I think it’s still regretful that we haven’t shown our best performance yet. We have a bit more time until the semis, and I think that’s a positive thing. We can fix our mistakes during that time. I believe that we can win the championship.

(To Faker) You weren’t able to make Worlds last year and didn’t win MSI. Did you ever doubt yourself?


Faker: I have never doubted myself. All I think is that I need to improve myself and I’m confident that I can show better performances. Before any doubts hit me, I think I would get more motivation to get better.

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