[Worlds 2019: GRF Press Conference] Sword on the match against IG, "We thought we prepared well, but I think the biggest reason we lost was the difference of prowess in top lane."

On the 26th, Invictus Gaming took down Griffin in the first quarterfinal match of the 2019 LoL World Championship. Despite a pentakill by Griffin’s Bot laner, Viper, in game 3, IG closed out the series 3-1, with TheShy has shown his prowess during all four matches against Griffin.


After the match, Griffin held a post-match press conference and shared what they learned from the match against the defending champion.



What do you think went wrong against IG?


Lehends: We lost because IG was simply the better team today.


(To Chovy) Many fans looked forward to Chovy vs Rookie in mid lane, but you only played tanks today. Why was that?

Chovy: Even if I pick a carry champion first, they can counter me, so even if it meant that I would be giving up the advantages in laning, I picked tanks for the team composition.


How can NA become a better region?

Viper: It’s kind of weird to say this since we lost, but maybe if you pick more Korean imports?


(To Sword) What do you think makes TheShy so special, and do you think he’s the best top laner in the world?

Sword: I’ll have to see the remaining matches, but TheShy’s presence during the laning phase is definitely very big. I was behind in everything from prowess to teamfights. I think he’s really good, but I’m not sure if he’s the best top laner in the world yet. We’ll have to see. What I felt for sure is that he’s really good.


(To Tarzan and Viper) Unfortunately, your journey at Worlds ended at the quarterfinals. How satisfied are you, and what’s regretful?

Viper: We’re not satisfied. It came to an end earlier than expected, so that’s regretful. It was our dream to get here; it was a good experience though, and I’ll do my best to get back here next time.

Tarzan: I feel bad that we have to end at quarters. It was a good experience, so I won’t stop putting in effort. I’ll be more determined to get back here next year.



(To Chovy) You played 4 tanks. Do you think Griffin would have played better if you played carry champions?

Chovy: I don’t think the result would have been much different if I played a carry champion.


Why did you think you lost? And did you prepare a specific strategy to play against TheShy?

Sword: We thought we prepared well, but I think the biggest reason we lost was the difference of prowess in top lane.



(To coach Chaos) Doran did not play at Worlds. In what situation could Doran play in the game stead of Sword?

Coach Chaos: It’s not that we didn’t consider playing him. Since we played together for long, I kept thinking about when to sub him in, but I thought it would be right for Sword to play in general.


(To Tarzan) You showed an impressive performance all year. What’s your goal for next year?

Tarzan: Even if I show really good performance, the most important thing are results. I’ll do my best to win the championship next year.

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