Riot creates a Teamfight Tactics change log on the Dev Corner

Riot Mort (@Mortdog on Twitter) has posted a long, in-depth update on all the changes made to Teamfight Tactics on the PBE for today's launch of the TFT Set 2 testing. In the update, he mentions everything they've done so far besides list the champs and their traits (but you can find those on our site soon). 

There are:

  • Extra hexes!
  • Champ pool/bag changes (more/less units available per tier)
  • Item changes
  • Much more! 

While Mort mentions they don't usually provide all their behind-the-scenes work, it's important for them to keep their players in the loop. They mentioned earlier that they want to be held accountable by the community, and this is one way the community can respond to their work.

"Surrender at 20" is a site that offers similar news on changes to League of Legends, but this is the first place where Riot has stepped in to show in detail exactly what they are doing with a prompt for feedback. 


They plan to continue updating the log throughout testing to provide clarity on how they're moving foreward with the mode up to its official live launch. Mort says he will do this each morning, and specifically asks for your help! So if you play, go be active and give them feedback, you may just be a mini game-dev yourself!



Check out the log here for all the specific details, and check back for updates on Teamfight Tactics changes and more! 

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