[Worlds 2019] DWG Nuclear on His Hopeful Quarterfinal Opponent; "Fnatic. I want my revenge match."

On the 20th, DAMWON Gaming took down AHQ on the last day of the group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. With this win, DAMWON has locked in their spot in the quarterfinals of Worlds, and joined their fellow 1st seed LCK brethrens as the 1st seed of their group,

DAMWON’s ADC, Sin ‘Nuclear’ Jeong-hyeon joined Jeesun Park in the official LCK broadcast for the post-match interview to share his thoughts about the victory.


Image Source: Official LCK Broadcast


Congratulations on making it into the quarterfinals. How do you feel?


I thought we’d struggle against the defending world champions. The match vs IG was really fun, and I’m really happy to beat them and move into the quarterfinals.

How’s Coach Kim been helping the team?


He was with IG last year, so he was especially focused on the match versus them. He took good care of our mental state, and our head coach, Micro, also lead us in the right mental direction.

There’s been a lot of memes about DAMWON


I really didn’t expect those memes, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them. My favorite one is The Joker-Nuguri meme.

Who do you want to face in the quarterfinals?


Fnatic. I want my revenge match.

What’s your mindset heading into quarters?

From promoting into the LCK in the beginning of the year, 2019 has been like a dream. Times like these are hard to come by, so I’ll make sure to put on a good performance.

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