The Origins of League of Legends Newest Champion: Senna

Soon to make a debut as a playable champion in League of Legends, Senna was announced at Riot Games 10 year anniversary stream. The non-traditional marksman character has an incredibly large railgun, and players will be using her as a support character. She will be available in the PBE on October 28.

Senna's concept art, Riot Games.

Senna was first introduced to League of Legends’ lore back in 2013, as part of Lucian’s story. Her journey to become a Sentinel of Light started with the Black Mist., a force that carries souls to the Shadow Isles with malevolent sorcery, making them forget friends, lovers and themselves. 

The Black Mist has cursed Senna from an early age. Washing onto the shores of her home island, the Mist rolled into her village. The attack was intervened by a Sentinel of Light, but strangely enough, the Mist was drawn to her, cursing her soul. 

Urias, the savior of Senna’s village, could not piece together why the Mist decided to latch onto her, but he did know she needed to be strong enough to fight back. The Sentinels of Light took her in, and Urias taught her how to channel her soul into light, giving her the Relic-Stone pistol.

Senna kept herself from most people, afraid the Mist would hurt them if they got too close, but Urias was always present to guide her into the path of light. Inevitably, even with jumping from place to place to deceive the Mist, they were met with darkness. Urias had been slain.

When looking for Urias’ family in Demacia, Senna met Lucian, his son. She allowed him to join the Sentinels of Light, and follow his father’s path, even if reluctantly. They fell in love, with their bond being strengthened by battle.

Lucian’s love for her brought him to attempt to save her from the curse of the Mist. When seeking answers about Senna’s curse, Lucian was met with Thresh. The Chain Warden and the Sentinels clashed into a fiery battle, unfortunately, Thresh was far too powerful. Senna’s soul is dragged into his lantern, as she screamed for Lucian to run away.

Flash forward to the cinematic presented by Riot Games at the 10th anniversary stream, Lucian reencounters Thresh. In the first frames, Lucian shoots at the Soul Eater.

See for yourself:




“Lucian … frees Senna but instead of her passing on like he intended, Senna came back corrupted, but in control of it"

- Translation from Riot China announcement





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