Everything Riot Announced for their 10 Year Anniversary.

After getting memed for upwards of 10 years, Riot Game has finally earned its 's'. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Riot Games! 

In an hours long stream, Riot announced nearly 10 new games and expansions to their world of Runeterra, featuring all of the champions and lore we know and love. Here is an all encompassing list of everything they released so far. Check back for updates as more comes out in the coming days.

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Big game news!

Riot announced six new games and also revealed the huge preseason and TFT changes coming our way next month. Check them all out below.

Rise of the Elements

This year's preseason changes bring new life to the elemental drakes and Summoner's Rift. Additionally, players will recieve many gifts, including Your Shop, free cosmetics, and classic URF mode!

Wild Rift

League of Legends also heads to mobile and console throughout 2020, with a Summoner's Rift inspired game mode. It's not the exact same game, but with 40 champs and a unique mechanic system, it's sure to fix our mobile game craves.


TFT News

Teamfight Tactics will also join your commute (please drive responsibly) as it heads to mobile as well. It also exits beta, featuring Seasonal Sets which will rotate champs, items, and mechanics around. Be sure to read about what all is in store! 

Legends of Runeterra

Riot enters brand new genre #1 with a competitive card game, unique in many ways, but filling the Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Magic: The Gatering shaped hole in the realm of Runeterra. Learn about all the mechanics and get ahead of the game! 

Also, check out our interview with Legends of Runeterra devs, Dave Guskin and Noah Selzer. Hear what makes LoR unique, their favorite strategies, how to earn cards, ranked, and what the patching system will be like. 

Unnamed League Fighter Coming Soon TM

In new game genre #2, Riot unveiled "Project L," a champion-based fighting game. It may be a long way off, but here's what we know for now. 

Unnamed League Shooter Coming Soon TM

In new game genre #3, Riot shows off a new, unique type of character-based shooter. While it's hard to tell what exactly the skills do and who the champs are (if they even are champs). But here is what has currently been released on the shooter, Project A.


Esports Manager Game

In new game genre #4, we are introduced to a League Esports management sim, allowing us to become a virtual team manager and control the inner workings of our team, pushing them to the Worlds title. There isn't much information out yet, and it seems like it may be kept LPL specific in 2020, but read more about it here

Super Secret (?) League RPG

And the final new game genre (#5 btw, five new game genres!), Riot will deliver an RPG type game. This is the game with the least information so far, there is only one mention of it, no special keynote, and just a couple quick gameplay shots snuck in. This project is likely years away from completion, but it's good to dream, huh? 

▲ Screenshot from Riot Games

The other news

In addition to games, Riot has a few other very special announcements (and some smaller ones). Here they are! 

Arcane: Jinx Rising

Despite not being a game release, this could be Riot's biggest announcement. Arcane is a new animated series rumored to have a minimum of five seasons, revolving around the formations of Jinx and Runeterra. Check out what we know here.

Realms of Runeterra

Similarly, Riot is unveiling an book of lore, Realms of Runeterra, which can be preordered here. The book will showcase never before seen art, and explore all 11 regions of the world of League. Featuring maps, architecture, fasion, etc., this is a companion book perfect for any avid fan.

▲ Inside the Realms of Runeterra


Social Impact Fund

While Riot has held charitable events before, this is the first time they will allow the community to be so directly involved. Riot has launched the Social Impact Fund to unite the community to give to charitable causes of our own choosing. See how we can change the world together! 

Senna: Reborn

Last, but certainly not least, Riot confirmed the next champion on the list will be Senna, a Gunslinging Support. Lucian's wife was reaped by Thresh long ago, but Lucian has helped her escape the lantern and they are reunited. Learn about her release, some lore, and watch her flashy trailer here.

Is there anything else?

NO! Don't be greedy! However, if and when new announcements are made, we got you covered. So check back soon for more! Also, what are you most excited about? Please find us on Twitter and let us know which announcement makes you most excited. Is it a game? Or that TV series? Or are you just excited Lucian can find love again? 

Also, before you go, check out our Worlds 2019 coverage with Bae "Bang" Jun-sik, who is interviewing players on site in Berlin, Madrid, and Paris! 

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