[Worlds 2019] JT Hana on their Win Against FPX: "Lilv was the MVP for that match... He was the biggest architect of our win in that game."

One of the biggest upsets up to now in the Group Stages of the 2019 LoL World Championship was LMS J Team defeating LPL Champion, FunPlus Phoenix. Although FunPlus Phoenix was considered as the heavy favorites of the group, J Team stood up to them and managed to get their first win. Despite their win, J Team fell to GAM Esports and turned the whole group up for grabs, as all four teams are tied with a 1-1 record. After their loss on Day 2, J Team jungler Chen “Hana” Chih-hao joined Inven Global for a brief interview.


You beat FPX yesterday, but you weren’t able to win today. How do you feel?


We’re a little bit disappointed. Our team composition had a high return on our investments but we didn’t win the mid lane. Unfortunately, our mid laner made a small mistake and we lost that. Because of that, the top laner had to be underneath the tower for a lot of the time. He was able to roam later than the opponent so our positioning on the map was pretty poor.

Let’s talk about the win against FPX first. What went well that you won yesterday?


I think we won because everyone did their jobs. In FPX’s team composition, there was only one ADC that was dealing damage; the others were just tanks. If we just controlled the ADC, we would have been able to win quite easily, and we did so.

Which teammate would you pick as the MVP for the match against FPX?


I’d give it to the AD Carry. Lilv was the MVP for that match. He did a lot of damage, and I think he was the biggest architect of our win in that game.

Unlike many people’s expectations, Group B is very close. Every team is tied with a 1-1 record. How do you think it’ll go?


If we win tomorrow, I believe that we’ll be able to make it to quarters with FPX.

Tomorrow, you’ll be playing against Splyce. Are you confident going into the match?


We’re quite confident. I’d say about a 60% win possibility. We’re very familiar with the champions they play and if we just do what we need to, we should win the game.

Which teammate do you rely on the most?


I’d say the player who I rely on the most would be our support, Koala. We are both shotcallers for the team, but when it comes to rotating, he sees the map clearer than I do, so I put a lot of faith in him.

Any last comments to the fans?


Thank you all the fans for staying up late to watch our games and not sleeping. (Laughs)

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