[Worlds 2019] HKA Crash: "What we have to change in general, is that we are too passive in the early game. We have to be more proactive."

Day 3 of the League of Legends World Championships brought some high octane action. One team set the bar high for their match straight out of the gate: Hong Kong Attitude baited Griffin beautifully right at the start, and managed to kill three of their opponents before the minions had even spawned. It didn't last, though, and eventually the Hong Kong Attitude fell to Griffin.

HKA's jungler, Lee "Crash" Dong-woo, spoke to us after the loss and shared what went wrong, what he thinks on his personal performances so far and he looked forward to the rest of the Group Stage.


That was quite the rollercoaster of a game, wasn't it?

Yeah, I feel pretty bad about it, because we lost.


The start of the game was quite spectacular, and good for you. From your perspective, what happened to cause the downfall?

We thought that at level 3, we would be able to fight them. Now, I think it wasn't a good decision to make. Also when you look at the draft, the late game was unfavored for us.


Can you explain a bit more about the draft, what you would have done differently?

We went for the Sion in the toplane, but I think it would've been better if we went for another AD champion there. Now, once they had magic resistance, there was nothing that we could do. So I would change Sion.


Is that something you didn't account for during the preparation for the match?

Well when we prepared we did think of that. But our opponents all went AD, so that's why we chose Sion. Personally I just don't think that was the best choice.


You still have quite a few matches to go. Looking at the results so far: Where does the improvement lie for you guys?

I think we were a bit intimidated by our opponents. There were many skirmishes and we were a bit to scared to fight in them. If we aren't, in the future matches, I think it might go better.


How do you look back on your personal performances so far in the tournament?

I made a lot of mistakes, I think. I didn't play that well today or yesterday. I think that, compared to the other teams in our group, we aren't in a very good shape at the moment.


You did play in the Play-Ins, and for some teams that would be a warm-up for the actual Group Stage.

I wasn't that nervous in the Play-In Stage. I could just play. But I'm not used to this environment in the Group Stage. I'm a bit nervous or stressed, I think. The Play-Ins helped for sure, but the nerves are still there.


Of the teams you've faced now, which one do you think you can beat next time now that you know how to play against them?

I think what we have to change in general, is that we are too passive in the early game. We have to be more proactive. But I think G2 is too strong, I don't really think about them. I think we could win against Cloud9 though, if we correct what we did wrong. We'll have to see against Griffin, though.

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