[Worlds 2019] DAMWON ShowMaker: "I think every team agrees that [Pantheon] is super broken at the moment."

The second day of the League of Legends World Championship's Group Stage has concluded, and eight teams have already played their second match. The LCK's DAMWON Gaming has straightened its back after a loss to Team Liquid yesterday, and managed to defeat ahq e-Sports club.

Earlier, we had a chat with DAMWON's midlaner ShowMaker. In a brief chat he talked about the year leading up to the World Championship, and gave his thoughts on the diverse meta the tournament has been subject to so far.


You've been with DAMWON Gaming since 2017. How was this year for you on DAMWON, compared to the other years?

Well we got to Worlds as soon as we were promoted. That feels really good, and makes it a good year.


Like in every competition, performances go up and down during the season. What were some of the highs for you?

In the Summer Split, when we hit first place for the first time. That was the best feeling for me during the season.


Leading up to Worlds, every team bootcamps. What did the bootcamp look like for you?

The food at the bootcamp was a little bit of a problem, but in terms of playing the game, everything was pretty good.


What did you focus on specifically at the bootcamp?

Well we focused more on improving our team play. We did have a lot of accidents during the laning phase, so we tried to improve there. Around level 3 or 4, we would get ganked and die a lot. Also, if all of our lanes were pushing, our jungler didn't know where to go to.


Have you fixed that now?

I don't think we have succeeded yet, but I do think we're improving.


The meta at Worlds is very versatile. Did you expect that?

Before Worlds Riot did buff a lot of champions that didn't see play, and they nerfed a lot of the overplayed champions. We did expect a lot of variety for this Worlds.


When you saw the buffs, which champion did you think would be overpowered?

When we were practicing, or in solo queue, Pantheon had a very big impact. We did expect him to be 100% banned.


If you personally experience that a champion is overpowered, how does the team make strategies based on those findings? It could be that others have found different results.

Pantheon is being banned by everyone, so I think every team agrees that he's super broken at the moment. For other champions, I think that each team has a different opinion. Every team's first pick is different, so it can vary a lot.


When the meta is as flexible as it is, it gives you a lot of space to operate in. Is that liberty something you enjoy, or are you a bigger fan of metas where you have just a few champions to consider?

I think that for us, as a team, we can use most mid-top flex champions. Nuguri can play all of them, which gives us a big advantage over other teams.

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