Neptune's Battle Royal Game, ‘Black Survival: Eternal Return’ have a 3rd Open Alpha Test!

This is a translation of Neptune' Oct. 08th (KST) press release.

Nimble Neuron (CEO, Nam Seok Kim, Shin Cheol Jung), a subsidiary company of Neptune (CEO, Jeong Wook), announced that on the 11th (KST), they will have a 3rd open Alpha test of their self-developed PC game, ‘Black Survival: Eternal Return’.

Taking place in the parallel game world, ‘Black Survival: Eternal Return’ is the 3D PC version of the 2D graphic, 1st generation mobile battle royale, ‘Black Survival’. The player must survive on a mysterious island called “Lumia” to be the last one standing.

This test will be the first one to open in Asia, North American, and Europe servers, and the focus of this test will be based on the server stability, testing new characters and new functions, and collecting playtest data.


On the open alpha testing, Nimble Neuron commented, “Ever since the beginning, we’ve continued to develop the game through feedback from our discord community. Through many tests, we want to show that we’re implementing the feedback we receive from our community to create a game where we can really communicate with our users.”

The players that partake in the upcoming alpha test will be listed in the game credits. Through the official community discord, a player may receive the game key to partake in the 3rd alpha testing.

‘Black Survival: Eternal Return’ will be released as an Early Access through Steam in early 2020, and the next test is scheduled for late November.

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